HERMES Arzneimittel GmbH: ERP project minus the side effects
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HERMES Arzneimittel GmbH: ERP project minus the side effects

2 min read Mar 22, 2016

HERMES Arzneimittel
HERMES Arzneimittel

With the implementation of Infor M3, HERMES was able to standardise and modernise an IT landscape that had previously been characterised by uniform software installations. HERMES commissioned the BE-terna software house with introducing Infor M3. Following a large-scale ERP selection process, the HERMES Group made the decision to implement the Infor M3 ERP solution company-wide. Alongside the extensive functionalities of Infor M3, HERMES was especially impressed by the ergonomically outstanding M3 Smart Office user interface.

Enterprise Resource Planning as standard

HERMES manufactures a range of products in Wolfratshausen and Wolfsberg - including contract goods - in different dosage forms. Over the course of the ERP project, HERMES managed to achieve extensive process harmonisation between both production sites. Further Infor M3 modules were implemented, including document archiving and process automation, alongside the standard Infor M3 modules for financial management, production, product data management, logistics, planning, procurement, and sales.

Holger Dietel Managing Director, Hermes ARZNEIMITTEL GmbH

The new ERP system is designed to make business processes more transparent and to standardise them across all locations. The aim is to optimise reaction speed and efficiency and to take the advancing internationalisation of our customers into account.

About HERMES Arzneimittel GmbH

The HERMES Group (HERMES ARZNEIMITTEL GmbH, HERMES PHARMA GES.M.B.H., BAD HEILBRUNNER Naturheilmittel GmbH & Co. KG) operates companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Großhesselohe, Wolfratshausen, Bad Heilbrunn, Vienna and Wolfsberg. Over 750 employees work for HERMES, around 450 of whom work at the two production sites in Wolfratshausen and Wolfsberg (Austria). As Europe's largest manufacturer of medicinal spray products, HERMES is committed to peak technological competence in the development and production of effervescent and solid soluble dosage forms, such as Biolectra or Cevitt.

Sector: Pharmaceutical industry
Country: Germany and Austria
Users: 400

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