Agile ERP and E-Commerce solutions for modernised retail business
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Agile ERP and E-Commerce solutions for modernised retail business

3 min read Feb 04, 2020

Trgo Agencija
Trgo Agencija

A small retailer with big challenge

Trgo-Agencija specialises in selling various spare parts and consumables in the agricultural industry. The company was founded in 1989 and today has 36 employees. Over the past 9 years the company has recognised the importance of IT infrastructure and in this time has invested heavily in implementing IT solutions to improve all their business processes.

High costs, labour-intensive tasks, errors and poor user-experience were slowing business down

As the company’s business has grown, it has created a need for a new, agile ERP and E-commerce solution which would connect all business functions, and would offer better support for their business. The main problems were that previous solutions were not fully integrated and they were only synchronised twice per day. As a result, the company was faced with high maintenance costs, high numbers of labour-intensive manual tasks, lots of errors and poor user experience.

Automating processes throughout the buyer's entire journey

As user experience in the retail industry is more important than ever, and because the company had lots of incomplete processes, it was forced to look for other business solutions. For their new ERP solution, they have decided to take on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and BE-terna as their implementation partner, while the Magento E-commerce solution was implemented for them by Inchoo. The aim of the project was to implement and synchronise both solutions to result in the automation of all business functions throughout the entire user journey from initial customer order to final delivery.

Two teams, two companies, two locations and one aim - to deliver an excellent and integrated solution for the customer. At the start of the project, it all seemed very challenging and Trgo-Agencija CEO Goran Sokolić was quite sceptical because there was a huge list of requirements and a very challenging time frame. However, as Goran stated at the end of the project implementation,

In the end, we’ve accomplished what was thought to be impossible before the start of the project and that is amazing.

During the project, alongside standard modules for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (such as finance, sales, supply chain, stocks, retail, payroll and travel orders), some specifically developed modules were implemented to meet the set-up goals.

Improved business results within 6 months of the implementation of the new solution

Despite a very challenging year for Trgo-Agencija's business due to unfavourable weather conditions, they noticed significantly better performance results in the first 6 months after the new business solutions were implemented. During this time, Trgo-Agencija managed to improve their daily order rate by 35%. Significant improvements in the entire process of the user journey have resulted in reductions in manual labour, reduced costs and errors, a better user experience, and improved business performance.

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