All-in-one app to optimise your IT business!

Discover BE-terna Professional Services software solution, tailored to meet the specific needs of project-based businesses in the IT industry. Unlock your company's potential with our cutting-edge features and functionalities, empowering you to streamline operations, support your growth and focus all your efforts on what matters for your business!

Maximize Efficiency with Advanced Functionalities

Experience the power of quick quotation and contract creation with recurring invoices for rental of hardware, SaaS, subscription, or IT services. BE-terna solution for IT companies allows seamless research of prices from the IT-COP catalog, ensuring you have the most competitive offerings in the market. Simplify procurement processes with our planned IT scope interface to IT suppliers. 

Integrate Your Workflow

Simplify your billing processes with our comprehensive software solution. Easily manage and bill service tickets and service quotas (SLAs) within the system. Connect with JIRA software through our API interface to effortlessly bill service tickets. Efficiently track customer installations, including objects, installations, and components, with detailed information such as serial numbers and installation dates. Streamline your purchasing by automating cloud service provider billing, including Microsoft CSP licenses.

Optimize Your Time and Drive Growth

We understand the value of your time. By leveraging BE-terna Professional Services, you can focus more on selling and optimizing your business processes. Our streamlined workflows and efficient ERP processes enable you to work faster, freeing up valuable time to focus on core business activities and propel your company's growth. 

BE-terna for Professional Services is ideal for companies that focus on:

  • Rental of hardware and software
  • Sales of software as a service
  • IT security services (SLAs)
  • Managed services
  • General IT services
  • Developers issuing periodic invoices

Explore our business app for the IT industry

BE-terna Professional Services solution is specifically developed for IT companies and fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central providing a wide range of standard features for project-oriented service organizations. Whether you deal with rental and service of hardware and software, sale of subscription licenses or offer managed services and IT security solutions, BE-terna Professional Services will optimize your processes and streamline your operations. 
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We understand your specific needs!

Our software solution is specifically developed for IT companies, catering to a wide range of requirements of a project based business model. Some of the main functionalities include:  

  • Quick quotation and contract creation with recurring invoices for the rental of hardware, SaaS, subscription or IT services (e.g. managed services)   
  • Research of prices of competing IT hardware from the IT-COP catalog within the industry solution 
  • Fast creation of service agreements (SLA) and maintenance contracts  
  • Billing of service tickets from the JIRA software via API interface 
  • Management of customer installations: including objects, installations, components with serial numbers and installation dates 
  • Automated individual, collective and monthly subscription accounting  
  • Simple usability and easy onboarding of new employees 
  • Cloud service provider billing in purchasing  

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