The harmonious combination of humans and robotics: A conversation with a Senior Automation Consultant

The harmonious combination of humans and robotics: A conversation with a Senior Automation Consultant

3 min read Jul 05, 2023

Sayangan is a Senior Automation Consultant at BE-terna Automation in Switzerland and gives us insights into his daily work, the required skills and future projects. Find out here how he implements innovative automation solutions and helps companies increase efficiency.

When did you realize that the field of automation solutions was just right for you?

I find it fascinating how automation solutions have changed and simplified people's lives recently. Not only professionally, but also in my private life, I like to work with technology, and I am happy to learn about every tech gadget. I have always wanted to work in a field where people develop solutions to make the world more digital and easier to manage.

What do you particularly like about it?

The Automation Consultant position is just right for me because I get to explore new technologies and my consulting role gives me the opportunity to gain insights into different industries.

What are the requirements to get started in your position, and who would you most like to see in this career field?

The position of Automation Consultant is first and foremost a technical profession. Our job is to implement and operate automation solutions for our customers. Ideally, you should already have programming and IT knowledge. However, we operate in a low-code world and with a solid basic knowledge, you can quickly learn how to use the software tools.
I would also like to mention the topic of soft skills. In the end, software is not a tangible product, like a car or a watch. That's why it's important to understand customer needs and maintain customer relationships to be able to offer tailored solutions.
People who want to help shape the new digital world of work and enjoy customer contact are in exactly the right place with us.

What does your typical workday look like?

I don't have a typical workday. I work on a project basis, and every client and customer is different. Each project has its own methodology and culture. So, the way of working is also different, and you learn something new every day.

Do you have certain rituals or objects that you can't work without?

I don't have any rituals or objects that I require for my work (of course a laptop wouldn't be bad 😉). For me, it is much more essential to have a good relationship of trust with my clients. I always try to be perceived as a “helpful friend” and not as the “rigid consultant”. This makes the work uncomplicated and allows the projects to move forward.
We do tinker around with robotics, but we always put people first.

What project would you definitely like to implement at some point in your career?

I have already implemented many projects at BE-terna Automation. The next step would be to join forces with other experts from the BE-terna Group to develop new project models and offer our customers end-to-end solutions. I have already been able to participate in a pilot test and discuss and test possible use cases together with the Infor experts. I am very confident that automation and ERP/CRM will appear together on projects in the future.
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