Stjepan: From Intern to Team Leader at BE-terna

Stjepan: From Intern to Team Leader at BE-terna

3 min read Oct 12, 2020

My first contact with BE-terna was a looong time ago, it was back in May 2013. BE-terna (or Adacta, as it was then known) held a case study student competition in which my team and I participated. At that time, I didn't know a lot about the main case study topics, CRM and B2B work approaches.

From this competition, I got some basic info about CRM and our solution presentation was my first face-to-face contact with BE-terna people. A lot of smiles and funny moments, combined with some challenging questions, resulted in a positive impression for me.
After winning the competition and speaking further with BE-terna employees, that impression was confirmed.
 If anyone had asked me " Do you think you’ll be working for BE-terna in 2020?", my answer at the time would have been "No" for sure, but here I am!  At the moment, I'm working as a BI Team Leader at BE-terna Zagreb.

Started as an intern

Firstly, I started to work as an intern in the CRM department, and there I gained my first experiences working in a team and with clients. This was a useful period for my career path decisions as I gained a feeling of what consulting work is like, and how challenging it can be. At that time, working with clients was a challenge for me, whereas today it is just a usual, everyday situation.

Besides working with clients and with the team, I found out how my values fit with the company culture. The next step was moving to the BI department after some talks with the BI management and unifying our visions.

From today's perspective, 5 years later, I think this is one of the key factors why I'm at BE-terna today. Since joining the BI department, I have worked on various projects, from simple ones to long and complex ones, but each time, the team and I have learned new things. I would say that the most important thing I have learned is how to balance and prioritise all the tasks on my to-do list. After some time, plenty of challenges, and gained experience, I became a team leader. That moved my focus from developing and workshops to coordinating the team, our projects, and training / education. 

What my typical day looks like

Furthermore, days that are different and not routine are a real benefit for me, since you cannot always predict exactly what will happen in the next few weeks. If you want to know what my typical day looks like, imagine two pots, one with tasks (planning, meetings with clients, reviews, developing, educations, etc…) and the second one with time slots (1 day, half a day, 3h, 2h, 1h, 45min, etc...) and for each day you can randomly pull out these tasks and create a day. It is challenging from time to time, however, which is something that I like almost as much as some technical/integration issues :D. This is my favourite part of the job, as I'm in charge of the most interesting ones at the moment.

After all, every issue can be solved, but sometimes you just need some help from your colleagues. I am fortunate that my colleagues can be described as young, hardworking, food-lovers with great out-of-the-box ideas.

To be honest, I don't know where I will be in 2025, but I can say that I have been learning new things (technical and non-technical) at BE-terna since day one, and I would recommend BE-terna as an employer to all ambitious, young people. 

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