September is the month of the Digital Serbia Business Run

September is the month of the Digital Serbia Business Run

2 min read Sep 15, 2020

In 2020, many of our daily activities have moved online, but there are some activities that retain the benefits of being “old-school”.

Running never goes out of fashion, and even though most of us have the option of running on a treadmill indoors somewhere, everyone would probably admit that nothing can compare to running in the fresh air to get rid of stress.  Staying healthy and active has never been more important, and even though most running events have been postponed or even cancelled, there is always a way to feel the vibe and adrenaline of group running.

That's why the organisation, Digital Serbia Business Run, decided to connect companies in Belgrade and motivate them to join a September campaign with the purpose of linking up work colleagues through running. Working digitally from home on a daily basis can mean IT employees miss the human touch, so running together can be a positive way of encouraging team spirit.

Our colleagues from the Belgrade office decided to take part in a running challenge to complete as many 5km runs as they can in one month. The more they run, the better their final results will be, and with the support of their colleagues they will keep motivated to perform even better!

We hope that this activity will also be adopted in other cities where we have offices, but until then you can even do it on your own!  😊.

Congrats to the Serbian team for an amazing team spirit!

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