Markus: My journey through the BE-terna cosmos

Markus: My journey through the BE-terna cosmos

4 min read Dec 13, 2021

Few of us are successful decision makers right from the start. The journey there is usually long and characterized by stamina, hard training and self-reflection. Only a few go this way to the end. Markus path led him to BE-terna 15 years ago. What started as a junior consultant position developed into a leading position as a business unit manager. In our interview Markus talks about ups and downs and his constant development at and with BE-terna.

Recognize customer needs as a consultant

Markus' journey through the BE-terna cosmos began as a junior consultant in the financial sector. It quickly became clear that Markus wants to develop himself and his position. “I learned how to behave with customers and was able to quickly acquire knowledge in the area of ​​Infor M3. As a good consultant, you need to be at least three pages ahead of the customer in the operating instructions for the business software. " Then as now, Markus confronts complex problems confidently with the slogan “We were trained for this”. With knowledge and courage in his luggage, Markus was able to take on tasks and finally also projects on his own and the step to senior consultant followed."In this position, the challenge is not only to sell yourself, but also to bring in new projects for other consultants by analyzing the needs to the client."

Discover the world - with BE-terna

Markus particularly remembers the working with clients from different cultures. "When you have four experienced Lithuanian accountants sitting in front of you, to whom you need to tell: So, starting tomorrow, I'm going to accompany you during the introduction of the M3 business software. - that's quite a challenge and a bit of a thrill." Even though BE-terna mainly supports customers in Europe, there were special project-related travel treats for Markus every now and then. "Especially the trips to the USA or to England were really cool for me as a young Tyrolean consultant, that i was back then." 

New challenges as a project manager

After 10 years in the finance sector, Markus was missing new challenges. Markus's superiors believed in him and his skills and gave him the and gave him the chance to prove himself as solution manager for an ERP project and subsequently take on the responsibility becoming ERP project manager. Markus's first ERP project involved highly demanding requirements, and yet he pushed through and was rewarded with a successful implementation project and further exciting cloud integrations afterwards.

" At that point I thought - wow - BE-terna is counting on me."

The highlight of being a project leader was always the functioning project setup. "That means the workshops fit and the key users are satisfied. When you get this feedback from the client's project manager, it's a huge confirmation."

The chance of becoming a manager

The desire to take on personnel responsibility in a leading position became stronger and stronger for Markus over the course of time. "During my day off this summer, when I was immersed in the renovation of my house and nothing was working on the construction site, I noticed at some point that I had a lot of missed calls from my manager. My suspicion was that something had gone wrong with the current project, so I decided to take heart and call him back immediately. In that phone call, I was offered the opportunity to take over a business unit as a manager. "The only thing that came to my mind at that moment was: Wolfgang - IMMEDIATELY! Thank you very much for this exciting task! This call turned my difficult day on the construction site into a happy day and I am grateful that grateful that BE-terna has such confidence in me!" Since 1 June Markus has been head of the business unit with a focus on equipment and is enjoying this new challenge.

Develop potential and achieve goals with BE-terna

"The great thing about BE-terna is that you are given the opportunity to grow. BE-terna could have let me work forever as a financial advisor. Instead, I was given the opportunity to work as a solution manager, project manager and ultimately as a business line manager," says Markus. As a child, Markus wanted to become a pilot, now he has the steering wheel securely in his hands at BE-terna. BE-terna has achieved strong growth, especially in recent years. The growing structures enable our employees to: to take advantage of new opportunities and paths within the company and to develop further.

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