Hagen: Solution Sales Specialist who found his passion in IT

Hagen: Solution Sales Specialist who found his passion in IT

4 min read Jan 13, 2023

Hagen works as a Solution Sales Specialist in Leipzig. He is not only an Apple fan, but also likes to cook or grill in the garden with his family.

Hagen, tell us briefly who you are and what you do for a living.

I have been working in IT for 31 years. In 1991, I started with professional IT in the HR department of Deutsche Telekom AG. For 25 years I have been working in IT sales and I still enjoy it. My hobbies are swimming, yoga, reading, poetry and photo projects on Instagram and cooking or grilling in the garden with the family.​

Who is the person "Hagen" in private, and how can private life be combined with work?

I've been an Apple fan since 2002 when I bought my first Ibook G4 in white - I loved it. Today it is a Macbook M1. IT has always been my passion and vocation since 1991 when I bought my first PC at the first IT company in Leipzig.

How did you hear about BE-terna, and why did you decide to join the company after your recruiting process?

I found the job ad on LinkedIn, and the Leipzig location was particularly important to me. Due to my 18-month further training as an IT consultant, I actually wanted to develop further in the direction of IT consulting. After talking to Marian (HR) and Matthias (Head of Sales), I was inspired to work in Sales again if the conditions were right. 

Mobile and flexible working is an important topic for me as well as the possibility of individual further training.

Of course, the conditions in the employment contract were also really good.

Dream idea: What does your perfect onboarding look like and how much does it match at BE-terna?

The first few days were characterized by international onboarding, as 20 new employees throughout Europe started their new jobs with me at BE-terna on 01/09/2022. The first IT training sessions were also very good. The notebook and company cell phone were very well-prepared, and the setup was possible very quickly. After 30 minutes on the new notebook, we had our first Europe-wide welcome session in MS Teams. Since I like to learn a lot self-taught, the onboarding is just right for me.

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Would you like to describe your mentoring at BE-terna?

Matthias (Head of Sales) accompanied me for the first few days. In the second week, we spent two days in Hamburg with an exciting customer. From my sales team I also had trainings on CRM, time tracking with Tassilo or Business Central training with Christian. I also had training with Corina and Ksenia from the Inside Sales team. There are many opportunities for further training at BE-terna e.g. the LEA learning platform, Microsoft Learn platform or also Learn4D from Austria. I also did my first training at get&use in Nuremberg over 5 days on Business Central Essentials. Privately and professionally, I also use the LinkedIn learning platform.​

Do you think BE-terna, is particularly unique here, or how can you compare it with reference to previous employers?

  • The fact that all employees in the company are on a first-name basis is something I only know from a few employers. 
  • I really like the opportunities for creative participation, e.g. on LinkedIn together with marketing.
  • The paperless way of working, from the employment contract to customer contracts, is something I've never seen before. 
  • The high-quality IT equipment in the office, e.g. with height-adjustable desks, are otherwise rarely found in companies. 
  • I also really like the options for flexible working in the office, home office or where there is a good Internet connection, which is not standard everywhere.
  • The cafeteria in Leipzig and the nice colleagues are a good reason to go to the office more often.

Anything you'd like new applicants to take away with them?

The merger with Telefonica Tech will make the company even bigger and more international. Here you can fulfill your new role at BE-terna with a Europe-wide and very secure employer. There is a lot of exciting stuff coming up and helping us drive the digitalization of companies. Here you can bring in your creativity and passion. If you are looking for a very modern and flexible employer where your further development is desired and encouraged, then contact BE-terna.

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