Determination for success – interns journey from scratch to a full project

Determination for success – interns journey from scratch to a full project

7 min read Jan 31, 2022

Here at BE-terna, we love to celebrate success of our people. This time, it's about our interns Katarina, Petar, Dušan, Luka and Zoran. They took part in our BE-terna internSHIP program, determined to embark on a new adventure, filled with knowledge and new opportunities. We wanted to hear more about it, so they answered a couple of questions for us.

1. Why did you apply for BE-terna’s internship and what made you choose BE-terna?

Petar Arnautović: The main reason I applied for the internship was because it sounded very interesting and challenging. I was curious and wanted to know what technologies were involved. I was also attracted by the chance to learn financial processes.

Dušan Arsov: As students we all need a real-world example to gain experience and new knowledge. I chose BE-terna because it suited my criteria best, for example a life-long learning. I wanted to get a chance in a very serious and challenging environment. In the very end, BE-terna was named Microsoft's Gold Partner of the Year.

Luka Jović: BE-terna had the most open-minded approach and communication with potential interns. The internship concept was well presented and very appealing and it stood out from the rest by a mile. Things were just amazing from the very start.

Katarina Cvetković: Honestly, the internship add caught my eye because it was really innovative and different and I wanted to know more about the Microsoft Ecosystem. I chose BE-Terna because you can learn more about Economics and Finance, as well as a new programming language.

Zoran Živković: I applied for BE-terna's internship because I was motivated to experience new challenges in the field of IT. I wanted to meet new coleagues and gain valuable knowledge from them. The thing that was most attractive to me was an oportunity to become a part of BE-terna family.

2. What was the most satisfying thing about your job and the internship experience?

Petar Arnautović: I liked the approach of the mentor and the way the practice was organized. We learned everything from the beginning, and the focus was on our progress.

Dušan Arsov: The most satisfying thing about my job was starting to work with the latest apps and technologies. In terms of experience during the internship, what I found most satisfying was meeting new people and learning how to work and function as a team.

Luka Jović: There were many, but the most satisfying thing is the fact that I was learning and still feeling like doing something productive and important for the company, not just myself.

Katarina Cvetković: Amazing mentorship; we learned everything from scratch and every two weeks we had a workshop where we would combine everything we learned and actually see how it works in practice.

Zoran Živković: The most satisfying thing about my job and internship was learning new stuff from experienced mentors and working in a great team with new colleagues from different Belgrade IT universities, and getting to know my new company step by step.

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3. Could you describe your team and what was working with your colleagues/mentor like?

Petar Arnautović: I had the privilege of being a part of this team. The atmosphere and communication is great. Now we are working on different projects, but we are still helping each other.

Dušan Arsov: If I had been able to choose a team, I would not have chosen a better one. Workday with my team is full of positive energy, laughter and, of course, the most important thing is enjoying the work. Working with a mentor was extremely demanding in the beginning. After Intro how everything works, the time spent was very fun and interesting.

Luka Jović: My team was amazing! A group of young people with similar interests who clicked together quickly and made everything easier and more fun. And our mentors were even cooler. Friendly, open-minded with a lot of patience for us newbies. We learned so much from them.

Katarina Cvetković: Almost all of us came from different backgrounds and universities, but we made a great team and would spend hours talking and helping each other after work. Even though we work on different projects and are in different teams, we still share an office and see each other every day. As I mentioned above, the thing that I liked the most about this internship was amazing mentors, who helped us understand not only programming but business as well.

Zoran Živković: Working in a team was a great experience, and it was my pleasure meeting people with interesting IT backgrounds. Experience of having a mentor was interesting, I had an opportunity to work with mentors from our region, and learn things from experienced developers is a privilage.

4. What do you think was your most significant accomplishment at BE-terna?

Petar Arnautović: Great knowledge I gained during the internship, as well as new friendships.

Dušan Arsov: If I had to chose one of the accomplishments I would go with confidence because I was given an opportunity to apply what I have learned in a safe (real) environment where mistakes are expected from us, so we can learn from them. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, mentor and colleagues are always there to help you.

Luka Jović: Although knowledge would be the most significant, I believe that the friendships I've made at BE-terna are the most valuable.

Katarina Cvetković: The first project I did after the training period will be included in April’s release and offered to clients as a solution for manufacturing.

Zoran Živković: My most significant accomplishment at BE-terna was having an opportunity to learn how to work my way through new technologies such as Azure Dev ops and Dynamics 365 for F&O.

5. Which important skills or techniques did you acquire during the internship?

Petar Arnautović: Some of the most important skills I learned: presentation skills, communication, teamwork, financial processes, AL programming and DevOps.

Dušan Arsov: During the internship I learned that it is really crucial to ask questions and not be shy to ask for help or additional clarifications. For me it was the most important skill/technique I acquired: communication!

Luka Jović: Many, but If I had to rank them it would be as follows: teamwork, communication, problem solving, adaptability.

Katarina Cvetković: AL programming language, combining AL with JS (Vue)+HTML+CSS+JQuery, communication and using Scrum as a project management system.

Zoran Živković: Important skills and techniques I acquired during my internship were: working in a team environment and, as I said in the previous question, learning how to work with new technologies such as Dynamics 365 and Azure Dev ops.

6. Three interesting facts about yourself? 😊

Petar Arnautović: I train martial arts, skiing is my passion and I use my free time to visit new places.

Dušan Arsov: I am open-minded, I would like to travel to space and I am a perfectionist (stubborn in a positive way)

Luka Jović: I almost won the national lottery back when I was in high school. I was just one number short of becoming a millionaire. I was also crowned prom king the same year. And I have been playing guitar for 16 years now.

Katarina Cvetković: I can pick up a new language pretty fast, I have a brown belt in karate and in 2019 I visited 7 different countries.

Zoran Živković: My passion about aircrafts and everything related to flying. I’m a dog lover, I have an 11-year-old Jack Russel Terrier. I tried studying law, but I realized I’m not that kind of person, so I decided to go for my passion which is Computers and IT, and I think it worked out well.

Everything is a choice. Our interns chose growth and development. We are very proud of Katarina, Petar, Dušan, Luka and Zoran and their achievements at BE-terna. Sometimes it can be pretty challenging to BE-you, but with colleagues like this, I think there is no reason to be worried about it at all. If you liked their internSHIP experience, join us and GET THE HACK FOR BE-ZZ AND TECH!

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