Can BE-terna's internSHIP change your career ambitions? Let's dive in and find out from our interns!

Can BE-terna's internSHIP change your career ambitions? Let's dive in and find out from our interns!

11 min read Jan 31, 2022

Karen Lamb once said: 

A year from now you may wish you had started today.

Well, Mina, Emil, Ivan, Nikola and Uglješa did not wait, they have already taken a chance and applied for our internSHIP. Now, a couple of months later, they've made a great progress and big career steps. We wanted to know something more about their internship journey, so we asked our interns several questions and they were more than happy to answer.

1. Why did you apply for BE-terna's internship and what made you choose BE-terna?

Mina Milošević: This internship seemed like a great opportunity for someone fresh from college with not much practical experience, and an amazing way to learn more about ERP, which I never did before. Also, I liked the concept of doing internship in a team.

Emil Skenderi: As a student of Business Informatics at the Faculty of Economics I was studying primarily about business software and I was mostly interested in Database and ERP software. Since ERP is a software mainly for big businesses, there are not many companies that implement that kind of software in Serbia. It was a lucky occasion that BE terna announced first-step internship for ERP development a few days after I finished my exams. I did a quick search and this first-step internship was offering everything I needed to test and improve my knowledge in practice.

Ivan Antanasijević: My faculty sent me an email with the add for the internship and it looked interesting so I decided to apply and learn more about it.

Nikola Ristić: When I first saw the invitation for summer internship in BE-terna in my mail I instantly send my resume and cover letter because of the way that everything was planned and organized. After a few days I got a phone call for the interview, and everything was as I imagined. Jovana from HR, who interviewed me, was very professional. Questions were based on experience in our life, our goals, and motivation. At that moment I realized that this company wasn't searching for interns with full knowledge, but for interns with motivation to learn, and that's the main reason I chose BE-terna.

Uglješa Ćirić: As a senior year IT student I felt like trying myself out in the industry, and that led me to applying for BE-terna summer internship which looked exactly as something I was searching for.

2. What do you like the most about BE-terna?

Mina Milošević: There are a few things I like very much in BE-terna, but if I had to choose just one it’d probably be amazing colleagues who are always in a positive mood and ready to help.

Emil Skenderi: First of all, I like people that I work with. I am still new here, so I have had cooperation with maybe 10 other workers and my impressions are only good. Everyone is patient with new starters. Sometimes people were with us in meetings for many hours, even days to help us, and make us understand new things and processes. Besides work, they have immediately accepted us as a part of the family. We are really well-treated. No boring, strict rules. Everyday we learn and grow. I have been here for a few months, but already 5 to 10 of my friends want to join the company based on my impressions and stories - some of them have already applied.

Ivan Antanasijević: Everything is pretty flexible, I like that you can choose when and how often you will work from home or from the office. The offices are well-equipped and the atmosphere is really relaxing. The whole work in general is stress-free.

Nikola Ristić: I really like that in BE-terma I feel like I'm a part of the company, and that everyone is the same, there are no difference between us, interns and everybody else. It feels like we are a big happy family! :)

Uglješa Ćirić: There are many things to mention, but generally speaking I do really like our office design and how handy everything is. And it's not only at that level. As a company, we are very efficient in what we do and plan, and people are really supportive. The atmosphere is really pleasant and there are many opportunities for self-development.

3. What was the time that you felt proud during your internship?

Mina Milošević: Every time I managed to do something new by myself, without any help 😊

Emil Skenderi: It was when we saw that our mentor (a person that is an expert with much experience) is satisfied with the way we finished our first real task mostly on our own. We did something that is accepted by expert! Yeey!

Ivan Antanasijević: When I finished my first project for BE-Industry Logistics and developed a Drag and Drop solution for Loading Equipment.

Nikola Ristić: When you learn new things there are always ups and downs, but keeping focus is really important. I felt proud the most when everything set into the place regarding my knowledge of this new technology. After that, task after task were only giving me confidence to learn more, and to explore new things.

Uglješa Ćirić: I felt proud when friends and people around me asked me about the company I work in. The benefits, opportunities, atmosphere, people and titles our company offers really do make our company stand out, and, as such, it makes it a pleasant thing I am proud of when someone asks me about it.

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4. Could you describe what your day at the office looked like?

Mina Milošević: Our regular day at the office during internship consisted of meeting new mentor for the day and then learning various things from them. Working day was usually 4-6 hours long, so it wasn’t tiring to always keep attention.

Emil Skenderi: My team includes two other interns and me. We agree about the time to start new work day (mostly 9 or 10 AM) and will it be remotely or in office. When we meet, we split easy parts of our task and leave harder ones to solve together. We attend meetings for that day that are mostly cheking our previous work, getting familiar with new tasks etc., but also getting instructions and help for the things that we still didn't learn. We have a very comfortable office, but also very comfortable space for coffee and lunch break and those are two places where we spend most of our time while working.

Ivan Antanasijević: I usually come at the office at 9am and grab a quick coffee before my daily meeting with the mentors at 9:15am. Then I work on my tasks untill 12pm when everyone in the office goes to have lunch, after lunch I get back to my tasks until 5pm when I go home. In between I chat with fellow interns that I share the office with.

Nikola Ristić: For me, first and foremost, when I get to my office is to make a cup of good coffee! Not gonna lie, BE-terna has a really good coffee! While drinking your coffee you have a little chat with your coworkers about a task that you're working on. If you're lucky, your colleague gives you an idea how to solve some problem that you didn't succeed in solving. When you finish your coffee and a little chat, you start working. Since time flies when you're focused on your task, it's already lunch hour. Everything is with no pressure and you really enjoy your day at office!

Uglješa Ćirić: I've been in the office for some time now and I have established a schedule that helps me optimize and maintain my productive time while being here. Usually I start the day by getting ready for a daily meeting with my team where we talk about the things that we plan to do for that day, and if anything interesting worth mentioning came up. After that I prepare coffee in our kitchen. We have a lot of appliances and spices for coffee, and anyone can make their favorite type of it to start their day! I list my e-mails, mentally take a note of what needs to be done for the day, and start coding or reading the documentation depending on my preparation for the task. There's also a break when I can eat and chat with my colleagues. All around, I think it's a well-balanced day. For me personally, a day in the office is more balanced compared to work from home because there's an atmosphere that boosts productivity.

5. Has this experience changed your career ambitions?

Mina Milošević: Definitely. This internship thought me a lot of new things, and helped me have a clearer vision of my career wishes and ambitions.

Emil Skenderi: Yes. I had many ideas what I could do after studies. I thought that highest chances are for me to focus on object-oriented programmimng for apps and games. But this even suits me more because this position requires economics and informatics knowledge which both are fields of my studies.

Ivan Antanasijević: Yes, of course. I didn’t know much about the Microsoft Ecosystem, Business Central in particular, but now I am eager to learn even more and stay in this field.

Nikola Risić: Yes it does, because after I graduated I decided to sign in for a master degree, but my interests were in a different field of study. After gaining experience in this technology, I decided to go for information technology to really get a full picture.

Uglješa Ćirić: Not really. It has only fortified what I believe in and what I aspire to. It made me more determined to become good at what I do. 😊

6. Any advice for our upcoming interns?

Mina Milošević: Be patient and enjoy this new experience. 😊

Emil Skenderi: You will get all advice from your mentor, but let's say that even if everything seems new and a lot, it is not. It just needs some time and practice until you get familiar with concepts and processes. After that, everything can be solved with help of Google or docs or from experienced colleague. Advice #2: Dont hestitate to ask for anything. Everyone here wants to help.

Ivan Antanasijević: Be ready to learn a lot and get into details about finance, economic and business processes that each company has. Stay focused and motivated because it will soon pay off.

Nikola Ristić: Try to learn on your own as much as possible. Don't be scared to ask question if you have any. Don't give up to soon!

Uglješa Ćirić: There will probably be a point in time of your internship where you will feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. Don't let that affect your performance. Nothing has to be strictly done at that time, and many things come up multiple times giving you a chance to learn the same thing in case your missed it the last time. Keep the spirit up, it will be worth it in the end!

7. Describe your mentor with a song. 😊

Emil Skenderi: My mentors are very patient and good teachers.

With them I have learned that sometimes it just takes time to learn something, not everything can be learned at the moment and also to be more relaxed and not to be too pressured by work. So I think this song is not bad to describe it: MIKA - Relax, Take It Easy

Ivan Antanasijević: The Beatles – Help 😊

Nikola Ristić: Go easy on me - Adele 😂

Just kidding, its Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Uglješa Ćirić: Oh God, I have no idea haha! He's a great guy, a great, skillful senior. He's an expert in automotive industry processes and tends to talk fast. First thing that comes to my mind is „200 na sat“ by Ivan Gavrilović, but don't tell him!

8. Since you’ll be working for Nordic region from now on, can you describe the whole process and how did you get that opportunity? Are you excited?

Emil Skenderi: After the first month of internship we had a non-eliminatory test. All 7 of us were chosen by mentors from different regions. Ivana, Nikola and me were chosen by Ilaz and Jens from Nordic region. We had a few meetings just to introduce ourselves better and to get everything ready for work (boxes, accounts etc).

Soon, we got the first real task for a real company and everything was clear, because we were given all instructions and contacts for help if needed.

We are now working on our second task and it is much easier as now we know how to behave, who to contact, where to look for answers...

Yes, I am very excited. I think i have learned a lot, but everyday I get in a situation that make me think I know nothing. That makes me aware that I have a lot to learn and grow which is challenging and motivating because everyday I know more, I grow and feel more valuable and useful.

Nikola Ristić: For me the opportunity to work for Nordic region is a really challenging and exciting part of internship. The process of getting there was through the interviews with Nordic team, which now we are the part of. They really have understanding and patience for juniors like we are. We have a great communication with them, and it’s real fun to work with people from that region! We really feel lucky and also very happy to have this opportunity. 😊

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