Control your costs while delivering quality customer service and experience

Business today revolves around customers more than ever, and the utilities industry is no exception. After a year that pushed digitalisation to the forefront, having seamlessly connected data over a variety of channels (off-line and online) has become a necessity for all utility or energy providers.  

Get an access to a 30 minute expert talk and learn how to win in the the UK (or any other) Utility and Energy market with the help of an omni-channel engagement model. 

Get access to the Expert Talk: How to become the UK Energy Supplier of choice

Who this expert talk is for?

This webinar is a must for any customer service, sales and marketing managers or directors working in the Energy, Utility and e-Mobility industry, who want to find out how the omni-channel engagement model can help them to: 

  • Optimise Customer Service, Sales and/or Marketing team productivity 
  • Boost sales and customer retention 
  • Convert leads into loyal customers
  • Improve ROI 
  • Make the most out of each customer interaction 
  • Reduce operational costs 
  • Speed up sales cycles 

An educational talk lead by experts in digital communication and utility industry, focusing on:

The omni-channel approach: how it can impact on utility and energy customer support, sales and marketing in the UK market.  

  • By integrating communication channels such as Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp and others you can reach your customers where they are, give boost to your sales, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce customer churn rates. Also, you can cut costs and waiting times for your contact centre thanks to an automated, round-the-clock support and assign agents to critical issues for a personalized touch.  
  • Leverage profiling and segmentation of your existing clients and delight them with relevant insights about utility usage, programs, and complementary offers: by anticipating your customers’ needs not only you'll raise customer satisfaction rates but you'll generate opportunities of up-selling and cross-selling your product portfolio.