The new warehouse mobile app
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The new warehouse mobile app

4 min read Aug 11, 2022

With Release Wave I, Microsoft introduced the next generation of mobile data entry for the Warehouse Management mobile app in April 2021. A game-changing development for all manufacturing companies because implementing warehouse processes in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is now even faster and simpler. Fully integrated into Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, it ensures that your warehouse processes are implemented promptly and efficiently – whether for order picking, production or inventory.

Our comparison with earlier generations of the mobile app shows just how far both hardware and software have developed. In addition to its functions, the design of the Warehouse Management mobile app has been tailored closely to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management over time. The new technical features on mobile devices are also advancing continuously, and reflect the technical developments of recent years.

Figure 1. Development of the app through the AX2012 and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management versions

The new design concept, in particular, brings convenient additional functions in terms of improved ergonomics, layout and scalability on various mobile devices.

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Figure 2. Scalability of the display on different devices

In addition, with the new update, the app adapts effortlessly to different screen sizes and offers a consistently user-friendly experience, regardless of whether you use Windows or Android.

Figure 3. Display on industry tablet, mobile phone or other mobile devices

The new update of the Warehouse Management mobile app enables extensive parameterisation of various settings. Specifically, this means that you can flexibly adjust vibration and sound for notifications, for example, as well as text sizes and the size of function buttons to suit your preferences, thus creating the optimal user-friendly experience for each device.

Different colour options can also be configured according to lighting conditions or user requirements:

Figure 4. Definition of colour options according to working environment

The integrated numeric keypad, including calculator, also allows larger amounts to be entered, while a higher-contrast design guarantees improved operation – even on a dirty screen or when wearing gloves. Furthermore, the app allows both left-handers and right-handers to use all the functions with equal ease.

Figure 5. User-specific settings for simple handling

The new Warehouse Management mobile app for Android (at least Android 4.4 and Windows (Windows 10)) is available and a demo version can be installed directly on a device from Microsoft Store or Google Play Store.

In actual practice – at your warehouse

In the course of an implementation project, we are often asked about the best scanners to use.

In our customer projects to date, we have had the best experiences with the following devices:

·         Zebra: MC330, TC8X00, MC9300, TC2X TC7X, ET5X, VC80x, WT6000

·         Honeywell: CT40, CT50, CT60, CN80, CK65, CX76, D75E, EDA60K

·         Other: Panasonic FZ-N1, CipherLab RK25


Microsoft guarantees that the software can be installed on all commonly used device models on the market.

With the Warehouse Management mobile app, Microsoft offers a powerful tool that enables manufacturing companies to optimise their warehouse processes for greater efficiency.

Further information and details on installation can be found at Microsoft TechTalk.

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