Roeckl optimizes business processes with BE-terna Fashion and BE-terna POS
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Roeckl optimizes business processes with BE-terna Fashion and BE-terna POS

2 min read Feb 02, 2024

The fashion brand Roeckl Handschuhe & Accessoires GmbH & Co. KG, is implementing BE-terna Fashion as a tailored new ERP system and integrating BE-terna POS as the checkout solution for all stores.

Facing challenges with an outdated ERP system, Roeckl sought a solution to modernize their operations and improve efficiency. With BE-terna's tailored solutions, Roeckl bid farewell to limitations, embracing a future-proof system that enabled remote work and seamless data management.

According to Robert Puster, CFO at Roeckl, "We chose BE-terna because we have worked with them for a long time and trust the way they operate. BE-terna Fashion has given us a future-proof best-practice solution that provides a wide range of proven standard processes."

BE-terna's solutions cover various areas of Roeckl's value chain, including PDM, sales, purchasing, logistics, webshop, finance, BI, and intercompany processes, resulting in improved internal processes and increased efficiency.

The implementation of BE-terna POS in 15 Roeckl stores across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland further optimized store processes, providing a user-friendly interface for transactions and seamless synchronization of sales data and stock information in real time.

The successful implementation of BE-terna solutions has empowered Roeckl to modernize their business processes, increase efficiency, improve data quality, and build a solid platform for future growth.

For more information on this project, read the full case study on the BE-terna website.

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