BE-terna advocates for gender diversity in the IT industry
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BE-terna advocates for gender diversity in the IT industry

3 min read Oct 31, 2023

Together with Microsoft partners for equality through the initiative "Women in Dynamics".

BE-terna, a leading European provider of business software solutions, recently signed the Partner Pledge for "Women in Dynamics". The initiative is dedicated to promoting inclusion and supporting women in the Microsoft Dynamics community. In addition, BE-terna is proud to be a sponsor of the Women in Dynamics initiative at Directions EMEA, taking place November 1-3 in Lyon, France. 

Empowering Women in the IT Sector 

"At BE-terna, we believe that people should come before technology," explains Gerald Pichler, CEO at BE-terna.

"We understand that our growth and development as a company stem from activating the unique abilities and potential within every individual." 

"We are dedicated to fostering diversity and empowering women in our industry, ensuring that everyone, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity has an equal opportunity to contribute their talents and perspectives to our collective growth."

By signing the pledge, BE-terna commits to sharing its diversity data, contributing to the measurement of progress in the community. 

Data-Driven Advocacy 

Women in Dynamics just introduced a new framework known as THIS, aiming to improve the collection of data related to hiring and promotions and to support employer policies that nurture diverse professional teams. THIS calls upon Microsoft partners to embrace a set of specific goals, represented by the acronym:

  •  T: Track
  • H: Hire diverse Talent
  • I: Immerse inclusivity
  • S: Stop the dropout 

Dorthe Hietala, Chief Marketing Officer at BE-terna emphasizes: "We are actively dismantling outdated stereotypes and championing young women, and it all begins with our corporate culture. Women in Dynamics offers valuable guidance and practical solutions to instill a more inclusive awareness within our company."

BE-terna is committed to amplifying the impact of this initiative and encouraging more companies to participate in the pursuit of equitable work environments and career opportunities. 

A Prime Opportunity at Directions EMEA 2023 

Directions EMEA, the world's largest conference for Microsoft Dynamics partners, will take place from November 1st to 3rd in Lyon, France. Over 3,000 Dynamics professionals will attend the conference, representing more than 900 partners from 70 countries. Women in Dynamics will be hosting several activities during the event, and BE-terna is proud to be able to act as a sponsor for them during this year’s Directions EMEA. 

By actively supporting diversity and inclusion, BE-terna aims to set an example and encourage others to join in building a more equitable future.



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