Another important step towards cloud transformation for BE-terna customers with the Swiss BOYDAK Automation AG

Another important step towards cloud transformation for BE-terna customers with the Swiss BOYDAK Automation AG

3 min read Dec 03, 2021

Zurich-based BOYDAK Automation AG, the A.I. and automation experts from Switzerland, and BE-terna are jointly embarking on the path to end-to-end process automation for their customer base in December 2021.

BE-terna, one of Europe's leading Microsoft and Infor partners, announced the acquisition of BOYDAK Automation AG on Wednesday 1st December 2021. The Swiss service company, currently with more than 50 large companies and public administrations as customers, stands for intelligent and scalable automation solutions, software bots and artificial intelligence (AI). With their slogan, "We Love Automation", they are a perfect match for the BE-terna Group. By joining forces, they want to sustainably accompany customers during their digital transformations in the coming year and push forward the move to the cloud. The BE-terna Group was represented in the transaction by advisors PWC, whilst BOYDAK Automation AG were represented by Equiteq.

Bernhard Lang, CEO of BE-terna Group, takes a clear position and outlines the benefits of the merger, stating:

I am very pleased about this acquisition. BOYDAK's know-how and expertise are an excellent fit with BE-terna's strategic plans for 2022. Our goal is to increasingly bring our customers to the cloud and automate their end-to-end processes. Pragmatic and scalable solutions in intelligent process automation and robotics, as delivered by our new colleagues from BOYDAK, complement our service portfolio perfectly, and will take us far ahead in the coming year, especially in terms of cloud transformation.

Ralph Landolt, Co-Founder of BOYDAK Automation AG, says:

This is a big step for BOYDAK. The merger with a leading business software provider like BE-terna offers enormous development potential, both for our employees in terms of expert knowledge, and for the customers themselves, some of whom are only at the beginning of their digital journey. I see it as an incredible opportunity for BOYDAK to move into exciting new industries and explore new markets. Together with BE-terna even have more power to help customers do more with less. BE-terna is a perfect match to achieve this.

About BOYDAK Automation AG

BOYDAK Automation is a leading partner in the implementation of process automation solutions with AI and robotics. The company works closely with software vendors to deliver pragmatic and scalable solutions for restructuring and intelligent automation of business processes. BOYDAK Automation's customers include renowned leading companies from a wide range of industries such as banks and insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals, industrial groups and public administrations.

Learn more about BOYDAK: | LinkedIn

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