Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

CRM for Marketing
Drive traffic and fill the pipe

Make optimal use of all the data available in Dynamics 365 for your marketing activities and adapt your automated and interactive campaigns to individual customer needs.

Be the best Marketer you can be

With Dynamics 365 for Marketing you can now follow your precious leads easily through every stage of the journey:

  • Deliver the right message at the right time to the right people through the right channel
  • Segment your target group in detail based on multiple criteria
  • Automate frequent and time-consuming marketing processes
  • Operate cross-channel or multichannel marketing effectively
  • Manage your events - keep track of participants, speakers, rooms and costs
  • Maintain an overview with intuitive dashboards and advanced marketing analytics
  • Creation and automation of customer journeys
  • Landing page and form creation
  • Creation of mailings and newsletters
  • Voice of the Customer analysis and online surveys
  • Lead scoring model with automated calculation options
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Social media monitoring with integration in lead management
  • Automatically created event website
  • Bookings of speakers
  • Event registration including waiting lists
  • Event ticket management
  • Financial overview / cost overview
  • Social media posting analytics
  • Poll creation
  • Analysis and reporting of key figures with drill-down options
  • Integration of PowerBI for analysis of different data sources
  • Flexible visualisation options in charts, tables, diagrams etc.
  • Geo-visualisations of customer and prospect data

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