Dynamics 365 field service

CRM for Field Service
A smart way to manage your Field Service

Dispatch, track and manage the right resources at the right time in the right place efficiently.

Do the Job Once Instead of Twice

In a competitive business and rapidly changing world, being proactive and having connected interactions is the only way to do business efficiently and keep your clients satisfied. 

The Dynamics 365 Fields Service business application helps organisations deliver on-site service to customer locations using workflows, automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility to set field workers up for success, anytime, anywhere. 

Save time and make your business smart and agile with the power of Dynamics 365 Field Service.

You can find out more information about Customer Relationship Management in our Learning Guide: What is a CRM!  

  • Customer portal: Engage your customers and give them 24/7 access to their service needs with a self-service portal with real-time technician tracking and text notifications.
  • Work orders: Operators can issue tickets for sales opportunities or create work orders with just one click.
  • Agreement orders: If an agreement has predefined intervals for recurring service, the system automatically creates work orders.
  • Automatic problem resolution (Self – heal): IoT can resolve issues by deploying pre-defined commands without the need for human interaction.
  • IoT connectivity: The system allows users to connect with the Azure IoT, where work orders can be created automatically based on IoT triggers, and which in turn can schedule technicians’ visits.
  • Schedule & dispatch: Universal Resource Scheduling ensures that only available technicians can be scheduled.
  • Intelligent scheduling optimisation: You can choose the appropriate technician manually, or with the assistance of automation (semi-automated - with suggested potential qualified resources, or fully-automated - where the algorithm combined with goals/constraints schedules automatically).
  • Route optimisation: Technicians get optimised work route plans that make their working day more efficient and reduce transport costs significantly. 
  • Multi-requirement scheduling: Resource Scheduling Optimisation (RSO) automatically schedules jobs for the people, groups, equipment, and facilities best equipped to complete them. 
  • “What if?” optimisation: If something doesn‘t go as planned, e.g. cancelled bookings, emergency scheduling, traffic jams and roadworks etc, the system will find a way to reduce travel time vs working time.
  • Scan barcodes: technicians can easily scan barcodes or parts and access product manuals using their mobile devices.
  • Work schedule: a quick and easy view of each technician’s work schedule, together with work orders, bookings and GPS to navigate.
  • E-signature: Electronically complete work orders with customers providing e-signatures on-site.
  • Online and offline: Even without an internet connection, you can still be sure that everything entered in the mobile app will be synced once you are back online.
  • Remote assistance: With Remote assist technology more experienced technicians can assist junior ones remotely using only their phone/mobile device.
  • 360° client history: Each technician can access the entire history of the client from any location.
  • ERP: Utilise data from your ERP and automate work order generation with inventory data, customer data, product and service data. 
  • Business Intelligence: Power BI analysis, visualise data, and draw insights for better and easier decision-making.
  • IoT data streams: Use Azure IoT diagnostic, scheduling, asset maintenance, and inventory on the same platform to switch from “break – fix” to proactive and predictive service.

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