Data competence & culture

Understanding and interpreting data is the new key to success.

In a world of digital communication data evaluation has become self-evident. Reach a new level of data competence with the BE-terna training sessions.

Now is the time to become a data expert

We live in a data-driven world but don't wait until the data piles become too much for you! BE-terna is your partner for data competence and culture:

  • Analysing current data-literacy status
  • Creating tailor-made training with industry specifics
  • Supporting education with hands-on analytics applications
  • Working with the management team on key decision-making pitfalls

Data Competence & Culture Framework

We develop solutions based on your needs. Whether academic collaboration, e-learning or customized cross-departmental solutions - with BE-terna everything is possible. 

  • Motivation & Communication 
  • Translating departmental expertise in an understandable way 
  • Avoid misinterpretation 
  • Living the error culture successfully 
  • Data Steward in Business & Databases 
  • Interacting successfully with changes 
  • Less is more 
  • Using external data successfully 
Corporate Data Practices
  • Using research funding 
  • Verification vs. falsification 
  • The personal learning path 
  • Competence management at the Smartwatch 
  • Mathematics as a world language 
  • Counting Countable & Approaching the uncountable 
  • Python/R business integration 
  • Learning probabilities 

Data literacy - is it being sidelined as we rely on BI-solutions to save us?

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