Utilities and Infrastructure Management Go-live in Jamaica

Utilities and Infrastructure Management Go-live in Jamaica

3 min read Apr 29, 2020

Even though the epidemic has stopped us from traveling for business and working in the office, BE-terna Utility Infrastructure Management (UIM) Team have once again proved that nothing is impossible with a team spirit that can move mountains.

Last year, the team started with an ERP implementation project in Jamaica and the UIM team members were able to experience the beautiful Caribbean Sea while visiting our subcontractor company based in the capital, Kingston. After one year of hard work, with working hours adapted to Eastern Standard Time and managing team members from four countries, they were able to finish the project on time. 

The team of 16 members were not able to celebrate the ‘go-live’ of the project together in person, but we found a way for them to experience it with an online gathering. 
We sent a little surprise to the home address of each member that was delivered to them on the day of the live virtual event, organised on the Microsoft Teams platform. CEO Blaž Strle, CTO Iztok Juvan, and Regional Microsoft Dynamics F&O director Jernej Modic congratulated the team for their incredible work.
Utilities and Infrastructure Management

Planing, maintaining and operating infrastructure networks


We asked Tamara Bertok Velkavrh and Gal Šmidovnik to share their thoughts and feelings about this successful project launch:

"There were moments when doubts about going live with this project were running high, when nerves were tested at their limit, when all we had was our determination and each other, which was what kept us pushing forward and not accept a not going live as an answer!

All this could be possible only because of the people, who were involved in this project. And I mean really all of them, from the most junior consultant to the most top manager with all the consultants, developers, architects, team leads and our project manager in the middle. The spirit we developed in really, really working together as a team and not just as a one-time project group is amazing. There were no “mine and yours” it was always about “we and ours“. It is an everyday small miracle that keeps me going on despite various challenges life lays down on my path. I cannot express enough how thankful I am in working in the middle of these amazing people and how confident it makes me feel knowing that I can always count on them."

Tamara Bertok Velkavrh, Software Architect and Team Manager

"The project was without a doubt a very challenging one as is usually the case with international projects. Cultural and language barriers coupled with different time zones make coordination and cooperation much more demanding. Unlike most of our projects, where BE-terna is the main contractor, this time we were a subtractor, further adding to the complexity of the project, as we were dealing with customer and main contractor stakeholders, we had much more communication channels, etc. We were able to overcome all of this with dedication and teamwork between all three parties. The fact that the customer decided to purchase UIM module had a positive effect on the project timeline, as it reduced the required level of customizations in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain. In the end, we delivered the project on time and we can safely say, that BE-terna has yet another satisfied customer."

Gal Šmidovnik, Project Manager

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