Reactor Platform by BE-terna: customized solutions for your success

Reactor Platform by BE-terna: customized solutions for your success

3 min read Jan 30, 2024

The Reactor Platform from BE-terna enables you to develop customized applications directly in your ERP systems. Below, we will take a detailed look at actual applications to illustrate how the Reactor Platform supports companies in managing specific challenges and optimizing their processes.

Automation of the sign-in process for truck drivers

In a hectic warehouse where the manual sign-in process for truck drivers was both time-consuming and prone to errors, the Reactor Platform came to the rescue with the development of a customized application. This innovative solution now enables truck drivers to sign in themselves using user-friendly terminals. The Platform integrates seamlessly into the existing ERP system, automatically generates the required documents, and directs the drivers to the correct storage location for collecting the goods. The so-called “Playground” enables a live preview during programming, which makes implementing and adapting processes a lot easier.

The deep technical integration of hardware, such as RIFD hardware and mobile printers, based on Android technology, not only optimizes the automation of the sign-in process, but also ensures efficient hardware usage. The genuine online/offline process design enables seamless workflows, regardless of the network connection. A key advantage is that all ERP developers can work directly in AL and X++ without having to learn additional development languages. In addition, the direct link between the ERP logic and the UI code enables extremely fast implementation of ERP processes in the application.

  • Time saving: the sign-in process is automatic, without any manual intervention.
  • Increased efficiency: warehouse employees can concentrate on preparing the goods.
  • Multilingual support: drivers can select their preferred language on the terminal.

Automation of the ordering process for a large retailer

In a large department store with a wide range of products, the challenge was to optimize all goods management processes in a single app. This meant finding an efficient way to handle not just fashion goods, but also electronics, food, beverages and sporting goods. As if this wasn't already a big enough project, four different languages had to be supported and various scanner hardware integrated.

We have successfully fulfilled all the specifications, from logistics and omnichannel processes through to goods management, inventory and the food market. The scalability extends up to 2,000 devices and beyond. The hierarchical architecture of our process components ensures high availability and ease of maintenance across the entire application. This structure minimizes the work required for updates and upgrades whilst enabling smooth scaling at the same time.

  • High scalability: easy scaling to over 2,000 devices while maintaining reusability and ease of maintenance.
  • Central control: seamless integration and central control of offline inventory processes by using a single code source.
  • Versatility: Reactor enables comprehensive customization of everything from marketing processes to food assortment and discount management.

Reactor: customized solutions for your success

The Reactor Platform from BE-terna is so much more than just a software solution. It is a key to transformation that enables companies to master individual challenges and write their own success stories. With its seamless integration into existing ERP systems, ease of use and versatility, Reactor offers a unique solution for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Learn how Reactor can optimize your business processes, and write your own success story!


Our ready-to-use platform for application development

The Reactor Platform for Developers makes it very easy to develop user applications directly in the ERP system. You can access important information for you and your employees anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device or desktop.

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