HUG AG - Customer Management at its very best
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HUG AG - Customer Management at its very best

5 min read May 03, 2020


To remain competitive and better serve its prospective and existing customers, the HUG-Backwaren Group headquartered in Malters relies on the CRM solution from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. The highlight is the digitalisation of the field service through RESCO’s mobile sales app, which allows offline and location-independent access to the CRM system. The system changeover was carried out together with BE-terna, the implementation partner.

Meeting customer requirements – with CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Customised standard solution

The competition for sales markets in the food industry is becoming increasingly intense, and customers are placing ever higher demands on manufacturers. So it’s extremely important that the field service in the food industry has all the relevant information available at all times and can provide results from customer appointments immediately and without system breaks for the entire company. That’s why HUG, the baked goods group, decided to replace its existing reporting system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the mobile app from RESCO to digitalise and thus enhance the efficiency of its customer management operations. 

With BE-terna’s expertise

The experts from BE-terna were majorly involved in the CRM project’s quick and straightforward implementation, so HUG could successfully put the new CRM system into operation after only a few months.

Digitalisation of the field service

One highlight of the new CRM system is the additional solution, RESCO Mobile. 

Now, field service staff can access all the customer information and appointments offline, regardless of their location. 

RESCO is a company specialising in the full integration of mobile terminal devices into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM processes and, with RESCO Mobile CRM, is offering a platform-independent solution for this precise purpose. With RESCO, profiles from the entire CRM segment can be used to display exactly the data and functionality needed for mobile use. 

The visit itinerary is planned in the app, orders are automatically transmitted to the wholesaler or HUG, and duplicates are checked. Employees can enter their customer reports directly after their discussions and fix the next visit date. What’s more, an evaluation of all data can be updated daily. Once created, views can be used on both a tablet and a smartphone in portrait and landscape mode.

All the processes in a single system

All the information you need at a glance

Before visiting customers, the field service staff can view all the customer-related data, enabling them to not only find the address details and information about visiting times and absences, but also a history of all visits already made and the relevant reports.

Optimum visiting frequency

The date a customer is to be visited on is planned in the CRM solution based on the customer group. These values are mandatory for prospective custom-ers, whereby they are determined from the ERP system for customers. Customers are thus divided into the categories A, B, C, and D with respect to importance, with each having different frequencies of between six visits (A) and one visit per year (D). This data is used as a basis for planning visits. 

Integration of Outlook and route planning

Whether appointments are made over the phone in advance or spontaneously, they can all be entered in Outlook and tracked in the CRM solution. 

Trips can be saved in the ‘Visiting region’ field in the company and displayed in the manual route plan.

Automatic order entry

The order is entered directly into the CRM system by the field service staff using RESCO Mobile and sent to the wholesaler or HUG headquarters by email. If orders are placed indirectly through wholesalers, the individual catering establishments are supplied directly by the wholesalers without any interaction on HUG’s part. Thanks to algorithms, no duplicate entries can be made. 

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Sell smarter, close faster


BE-terna – a competent implementation partner

HUG went live with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales in March 2018. The BE-terna project team was heavily involved in the successful project and the smooth go-live process.‘

The CRM project was characterised by a high level of professional expertise, efficiency and quality on BE-terna’s part. These were the success factors for an excellently working CRM solution. And if you can ultimately confirm that all the users are happy with it and work with it productively, this solution’s economic benefit is very high,

said Urs Bussmann, Head of Food Service Sales for Switzerland at HUG, summing up the company’s decision to opt for BE-terna.

Project results

  • Digitalisation in the field service
  • Master data management
  • Automation of the visiting process
  • Order management
  • Activity management
  • Appointment preparation
  • Route planning

Business advantages

  • Automated customer management
  • Enhanced competitiveness
  • Transparent internal company processes
  • Mistakes are avoided due to automation

About HUG AG

HUG’s company history began more than 140 years ago in a bakery in Lucerne. Josef Hug-Meyer laid the foundation for success in 1877 when he invented rusk. Since then, countless other baked goods such as Läckerli, Willisauer-Ringli, DAR-VIDA Crackers, baked goods for the hospitality industry, frozen snacks, and bricelets have been added, partly through company takeovers. The takeover of Trimbach-based Wernli AG in 2008 enabled optimum expansion of the product range to include chocolate baked goods. Choco Petit Beurre, Japonais and Jura Wafers were invented at Wernli. 

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