Can an advanced CRM become easy?
Recorded Webinar

Can an advanced CRM become easy?

1 min read Jan 26, 2023

We know what you're thinking - it's never easy. But we at BE-terna will in this recorded webinar break it down for you! During this webinar, we talked about recurring challenges that small/medium-sized companies with relationship sales get connected to sales work. Also the challenge of taking on advanced functions that will in turn create competitive advantages for the sellers without it being complicated. 

We discussed challenges such as: 

  • The risk of losing knowledge of the customer if we lose key people in sales. 
  • The risk of missing changes in the buying behavior of a customer. 
  • The risk that we talk a lot with some customers but miss opportunities with others. 
  • The risk of missing expiring contracts. 
  • We believe the customer is satisfied --> but we do not have a structured follow-up. 


In the webinar we explained how Microsoft helps to deal with these problems and what crucial points you as a sales manager should focus on. This will provide an understanding of why advanced functions and simplicity in combination have become important. 

The speaker for this webinar was BE-ternas own CRM and sales specialist Jörgen Gotthardsson. He has 10+ years of experience.

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Jörgen Gotthardsson

Teamleader CE - CRM and Sales Specialist