Introduction to Demand Driven MRP in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

The webinar will be held in English.

Wednesday 07 June, 2023 09:00-09:45


Date: Wednesday, 07 June, 2023
Time: 09:00-09:45
Where: Online
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As a planner, you want to ensure that the right products are available at the right time. This is a powerful incentive to build stock, for example in form of safety stocks. At the same time, your company has a large financial interest in minimizing stock. The big irony is that when pursuing these two main goals, you seem to more than often end up with too much stock of the wrong items, and too little stock of the right items, making no-one happy.

⦁ Do you struggle to keep stock levels low and at the same time maximizing service levels?
⦁ Do you find it time-consuming and complex to maintain stock management parameters and forecasts?
⦁ Would you benefit from a better visual tool in the day-to-day planning activities, to better understand priorities?

Say hello to Demand driven MRP!

Say hello to Demand Driven MRP! DDMRP is a planning and execution method that combines the functionality from traditional MRP with the pull and visibility emphases found in Lean Production. In a world where product life cycles are shrinking and market expectations of lead times become more challenging, an efficient material requirements planning process is a huge competitive advantage. DDMRP could help your company to decrease stock levels, increase service levels, and gain better visibility of priorities.

So, what’s the difference of traditional MRP and DDMRP, and how do we apply it in D365 Supply Chain Management? Join us in our up-coming webinar to find out!

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Wednesday 07 June, 2023 09:00-09:45