Marcel: Data is everything but boring!

Marcel: Data is everything but boring!

3 min read Nov 21, 2022

Marcel joined our Microsoft Analytics team in June 2022. He has already gained experience in the field of data and analytics, but the intensive collaboration with customers was still new to him. Even though his heart might have skipped a beat at his first customer meeting, he quickly got used to it over time.

In the interview, Marcel tells us what it takes to be a good data analyst.

How did you end up at BE-terna?

My background is in systems integration. There I had the feeling that I would be better off in an environment where I can approach problems creatively. So I started looking for a new challenge. Actually, I was already contacted three years ago, but at that time a move to Innsbruck was not possible for me. Now that the opportunity arose to start in Überlingen, the decision was quickly made.

When did you realize that Data was the right field for you?

The first point of contact in this sense was during my studies in business informatics at the HBW Ravensburg. In my previous job, I also worked a lot with data, but not nearly as intensively with customers. I have been trying to solve problems in an analytical way since I was very young. When I later saw how fast-moving the field of data is, I was immediately enthusiastic.

Working with data sounds boring to some, how boring is your job really?

Not at all! 

After all, it's not just work with data, but also work with customers. My job also includes a large human component that provides a lot of variety. Basically, you can think of it as a 50:50 ratio. So half of the time is spent in dialog with customers, first and foremost to understand what their actual concerns are. Then you get a picture of the initial situation and what the goals of the journey are in the end. The other half of the time you are on your own to find the right solution for the customer. 

I have to say though, you're never completely on your own here. We have a great team and we also help each other with all kinds of problems, so that in the end we can offer the customer the best possible solution.

We help our customers to gain a better overview of the current business situation in order to derive recommendations for action in the next step. 

If you could give yourself one piece of advice 10 years ago, what would it be?

I would advise myself to enter consulting as soon as possible in order to gain various insights as early as possible. That is one of the highlights of this job for me. By interacting with clients from different industries, you broaden your horizons tremendously and it never gets boring because there are always new clients and projects waiting for you! The different customers are an ideal opportunity to expand your own know-how around data and methods.

What is your personal balance to work?

Clearly sports. Be it in the mountains or cycling. It always helps me to clear my head. Sometimes it happens that I get lost in details and can't see the forest for the trees. The best thing to do then is to drop everything and go out into the fresh air for an hour. You then recognize patterns that you had previously overlooked and make further progress.
Those who lack self-discipline and stamina will have a hard time. You have to take your own initiative to find new solutions.

To whom would you recommend BE-terna as an employer?

To anyone who has studied something in IT or Data or otherwise already has experience in the fields. It is a large company with many different directions and paths that you can take here. The colleagues are highly motivated and you are welcomed with open arms. I have been thoroughly supported in my time here so far and look forward to what is to come.

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