International Women's Day: Interview with Sales Manager, Germaine

International Women's Day: Interview with Sales Manager, Germaine

3 min read Mar 22, 2023

This year's motto for International Women's Day is "DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality". As a global software company, BE-terna took this as an opportunity to bring women into the limelight. In our four-part interview series, our female colleagues talk about their everyday lives as women in IT and what challenges still need to be overcome in the IT industry.
This week, we are with Germaine – a Sales Manager from our office in Hørsholm.

What has your career path been so far, and which of your skills can you apply at BE-terna?

I have spent 30 years in Software, Consulting and Cybersecurity roles. My current role at BE-terna uses a good part of the skills I have learned along the way; consulting, relationship management, business development, contract management and cross-cultural teamwork.

How have you grown in your role at BE-terna and what are some of your proudest achievements at the company so far?

I have been at the company for just under a year, during which time I have worked in sales, licensing, developing stronger partner alliances, and managing customers. It has been an all-encompassing role. Learning and managing licensing, and being hands-on was a challenge as previously I had team members working on that side of things. Having been here for just 11 months, I am not sure if I have had enough time for any particularly proud achievements so far. However, I am also proud of my recent promotion to Sales Manager, where I will be not only looking after end-customer needs, but also restructuring our Partner Network and being responsible for them worldwide.

What makes BE-terna a great place to work for women and how does the company promote gender diversity and inclusion?

At BE-terna I work with other women on a daily basis, and in tech this isn’t always a given. I do not feel any different to male colleagues, we are all treated well and with respect, regardless of our gender.

The motto of this year's International Women's Day is "DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality". How do you think the IT industry can become more inclusive and women-friendly, and what role can BE-terna play in promoting this change?

Years ago, I worked as a volunteer for a STEM non-profit organisation that went out to colleges and schools to explain what it was like to work in a technology-based environment as a woman. Today I am a member of “Women in Dynamics”, and we, as an organisation have signed a pledge to commit to improving diversity.

BE-terna values diversity and do have women represented in many different functions and levels within the group. However, nobody is perfect, nor is BE-terna. There is female representation in technology-based roles and senior management positions in the company, but like any other company, we can also do more in this area. For example, working with organisations like the “Society of Women Engineers” can help set DEI&B (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) goals to make a difference for other women in IT.

What advice do you have for women who want to pursue a career in IT, and what skills or characteristics do you think are important to succeed in the industry?

There are still a lot of old, negative stereotypes around that need to be eliminated – and working in tech can be an extremely rewarding career path. There are many numerous ways in which to bring creativity into the workplace in tech. Not only that, it is also never stagnant, and learning and continued education is critical.
The job is constantly evolving, so it is pretty much impossible to lose interest and become bored with the day to day.

BE-terna is always looking for motivated people.

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