Lünendonk List 2020: BE-terna is one of the leading IT-Consultancies in Germany

Lünendonk List 2020: BE-terna is one of the leading IT-Consultancies in Germany

3 min read Oct 02, 2020

Exceptional growth for BE-terna

According to a study conducted by the Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH, BE-terna is amongst the top 20 IT-consulting and system integration companies in Germany. In the previous year BE-terna achieved an outstanding growth in total revenue of 37%, while the entire IT-service market grew by an average of 7,8%.

IT-consultancy more successful than IT-service market

Last year the 20 leading medium-sized IT consultancies in Germany grew by an average of 8.4% in terms of revenue. Due to global uncertainties caused by the trade war between USA and China, and disagreements between USA and Europe some companies acted reluctant in terms of investments. As a result, the inquiries for IT-consultancy also declined. Hence consultancies in this sector were unable to match the success of the previous year (+13,8%), but were still more successful than the overall IT-service market.

BE-terna – The right partner for digital success

Last year BE-terna achieved a growth in total revenue of 37%. Due to that success, we were able to secure the 14th place amongst the best IT consulting companies in Germany.
Christian Kranebitter, CEO of BE-terna says:

We are excited about the fact that in 2020 we are amongst the leading IT consulting and system integration companies in Germany. 

"Our comprehensive approach to be the preferred transformation partner for the implementation of diverse digital future issues for our customers is also reflected in the extremely positive business figures. This recognition is so important for us because it underlines the sustainability of our business model. With great enthusiasm and passion for IT, we have achieved above-average growth rates and great market success in recent years," Christian Kranebitter (CEO BE-terna GmbH).

Top IT-Trends 2020

According to Lünendonk, many companies perceive data-supported decision-making processes as chance to optimize their processes, expand existing revenue sources, strengthen customer loyalty or develop new business areas. Another trend topic of 2020 are AI-services, like machine learning, which enables the optimization of highly complex processes. This development towards automatization and digitalization is a big opportunity for BE-terna, and we expect a rising level of demand for corresponding IT projects.To be amongst the top 15 consultancy companies is a great achievement, but BE-terna is not finished yet. Our next goal is to be amongst the Top 5. BE part of it!  Christian Kranebitter, CEO at BE-terna says: 

We will continue to respond specifically to the wishes and needs of our customers in order to jointly implement unique projects that create real added value and contribute to the sustainability of our customers.

About Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH

Since 1983 Lünendonk & Hossenfelder has been offering systematic Industry and company analyses and consulting since 1983. Lünendonk specialises on B2B services in the German-speaking market. The study is part of the Lünendonk® study "The Market for IT Consulting and IT Services in Germany".
Read the full report here.

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