Cooperation between BE-terna and INFORM DataLab opens up new possibilities in data analytics

Cooperation between BE-terna and INFORM DataLab opens up new possibilities in data analytics

2 min read May 10, 2021

Qlik is a modern, end-to-end data integration and analytics platform, and offers its users a wide range of options for in-depth data analysis. This includes not only the creation of interactive dashboards and mobile analysis functions, but also the independent preparation of reports with the help of self-service analyses. Customer-specific data and analyses are also integrated into the system and can be accessed at any time. In addition to the multitude of analysis options, the requirement for users to be able to process data directly in Qlik grew.

The Data Analytics & AI team at BE-terna then searched the business intelligence market for modern solutions that matched with the Qlik applications and found what they were looking for in the INFORM DataLab with their ‘Write!’ add-on. Christoph Schnauder, Business Line Manager for Data Analytics & AI, is enthusiastic about the partnership with INFORM DataLab:

With the ‘Write!’ add-on, our Qlik customers now have the option of writing their data directly back into the database, so they can comment and plan as efficiently as possible within the Qlik solution.

In addition to having the ability to enter, modify, annotate and data back to the database in Qlik, the ‘Write!’ extension offers a wide range of options to perform complex planning. New data sets can be created and generated in no time, data-based forecasts can be set up, and additional elements or new weightings of factors can be inserted. Targeted sales planning can also be implemented directly in Qlik and displayed per customer, region or sales employee, for example.

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