BE-terna Presents Latest Innovations in Retail Technology at EuroShop 2023
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BE-terna Presents Latest Innovations in Retail Technology at EuroShop 2023

3 min read Mar 03, 2023

BE-terna, a leading provider of business software solutions for retail, wholesale, and e-commerce, showcased its innovative technology at EuroShop 2023, the world's largest retail trade fair. The event took place from February 26th to March 2nd, 2023, in Düsseldorf, Germany, and brought together retailers, manufacturers, and service providers from around the globe to present the latest trends and innovations in retail technology.

BE-terna's booth at EuroShop 2023 was bustling with visitors interested in seeing the company's cutting-edge commerce technology solutions. During conversations with potential customers, it became apparent that large and small companies alike are facing multiple challenges in today's world, such as supply chain problems, having the right product at the right place at the right time and maintaining profitability in a never-ending pricing competition. Despite these challenges, the goal remains the same: keeping customers satisfied and coming back. Fortunately, BE-terna's business solutions offer a unified view of business operations and modules that utilize artificial intelligence to predict demand, optimize the supply chain, and provide high-end personalization for customers, which can help address these challenges.

undefinedThe BE-terna booth at Euroshop 2023
"Next up is driving your marketing campaigns in a personalized manner, where each customer feels like you know them and understand their needs. It used to be difficult to execute, but today, with artificial intelligence and marketing automation tools, it has never been easier.

It is imperative to provide constant insight into the status of a customer’s order, give them updates, and then finally, make it easy for them to return the purchase if they are dissatisfied. It comes to constantly thinking about the consumer journey and how the client can simplify it for their end user,” Rico Hänel, Managing Director at BE-terna, explained.

undefinedRico Hänel, Managing Director bei BE-terna

That's why BE-terna offers not only a specialized back-end system, but also a front-end that is directly connected to the back-end. With its partner Y1 Digital AG, the company also offers web stores that provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. BE-terna is also working on developing a solution for pricing and markdowns optimization to help retailers stay ahead of the competition. 

„We also see chances for retailers to become more sustainable through digitalization, for example by using the digital receipt at the POS with BE-terna POS and the offering from our strategic partner anybill”, adds Rico Hänel.

With retailers storing large amounts of sensitive customer data, cybersecurity is more important than ever. BE-terna is excited to offer cybersecurity services to its clients through its parent company, Telefonica Tech, which was also present at the fair to showcase their services. Additionally, BE-terna displayed several mobile data collection solutions at EuroShop 2023 that improve operations and make the process more efficient. With the use of mobile devices, retailers can now collect data on the go, improving processes in warehouse management, logistics, and sales.

The team at BE-terna was thrilled to participate in EuroShop 2023 and engage with visitors and partners from around the world. The company's experts were on hand to answer questions and provide advice, helping retailers and business owners find the right solutions for their specific needs. The event was a resounding success, and BE-terna looks forward to participating in future events and continuing to innovate in the retail technology space.


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