BE-terna attains ISO 27001 certification across Adriatic region

BE-terna attains ISO 27001 certification across Adriatic region

2 min read Aug 23, 2023

European business-software provider strenghens its data security commitment.

BE-terna proudly announces a significant milestone in its pursuit of excellence – the attainment of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certification across its Adriatic subsidiaries. This achievement reflects BE-terna's unwavering commitment to safeguarding data and upholding the highest standards of information security.

We are thrilled to share the news that both BE-terna Croatia and BE-terna Serbia have successfully achieved the ISO 27001 certification. This rigorous certification process validates BE-terna's dedication to maintaining robust information security practices, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and delivering the utmost confidence to clients and partners alike.

In addition, BE-terna Slovenia hasonce again renewed their ISO 27001 certification for the fourth consecutive year. This remarkable accomplishment underscores BE-terna Slovenia's dedication to sustaining an environment of secure information management.

Behind the success of these certifications lies a team of dedicated professionals who have tirelessly worked to ensure compliance with ISO 27001 standards. BE-terna extends its gratitude to all team members who contributed to this achievement and recognizes the collective effort of the entire Adriatic region for upholding these standards.

The ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognized standard for information security management systems. Achieving this certification involves a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's information security processes, including risk assessment, threat mitigation, and continuous improvement strategies.

The achievement of ISO 27001 certification further solidifies BE-terna's position as a trusted partner in the field of enterprise solutions. Clients across the Adriatic region can rest assured that their sensitive information is managed with the highest degree of care and security.

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