BE-terna, One of The Leading European Integrators for Business Software Solutions, Invests In Adacta Services Business

BE-terna, One of The Leading European Integrators for Business Software Solutions, Invests In Adacta Services Business

7 min read Aug 06, 2019

BE-terna, one of the leading European Microsoft and Infor solution Integrator that employs 500 people and operates in 12 locations across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is acquiring Adacta Services Business, a leading Microsoft Dynamics, Qlik and Cornerstone partner in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

By acquiring a part of Adacta’s business and its 300 employees, BE-terna Group is taking the first step to realizing its long-term business strategy to become the leading global IT service company.

Part of Adacta's activities related to the development and implementation of solutions for insurance companies (under the AdInsure brand) and some other financial institutions will be transferred to the newly established company Adacta Fintech, which remains in the hands of Adacta Holding and is not a part of the acquisition.

BE-terna recognized the considerable potential of Adacta

An important strategic goal of Adacta in recent years has been to expand its operations to foreign markets. With 400 completed projects in 21 countries, Adacta has successfully pursued this goal. The next strategic step was to find a partner that would help Adacta further expand its international business, especially in the demanding markets of Western Europe.

DPE (Deutsche Private Equity GmbH), a German investment fund and the majority owner of BE-terna, and Christian Kranebitter, CEO of BE-terna Group, immediately recognized the great potential and many possibilities for synergies between the two companies.

Christian Kranebitter, CEO of BE-terna Group, speaking about Adacta

“Adacta’s growth over the last couple of years was really exciting. They cover the whole Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem and are a very strong partner supporting midsize and large companies that are looking to execute on their digital transformation strategies. Adacta develops and supports several vertical industry solutions that we will also roll out across the DACH region. This transaction is another very important step in our strategy of becoming a global Microsoft Dynamics player. With Adacta, we now have a strong footprint in the rapidly growing Eastern European region. This transaction is increasing the size of our entire company and also brings in highly trained and motivated consultants and professionals to take us a step forward in our vision of becoming an organization with the most talented employees. Finally, Adacta and BE-terna share the same cultural values."

Andrej Fajfar, Managing Director, Adacta Holding, speaking about the new German owner

Co-founder and CEO of Adacta Holding, Andrej Fajfar, commented on this important strategic decision and a big step in Adacta’s business:

“In BE-terna we recognized a strategic partner that can help Adacta reach the next level. Together, we are delivering enormous experience and diversity of industry-specific solutions to our clients across all regions where we are present. By joining forces, we will form an unbeatable group with a broad offering of various industry solutions for our local and global clients. As numerous companies in the DACH region are already Adacta’s clients, it was natural for us to look for a strategic partner in the German-speaking countries. BE- terna Group is on a track of fast growth and is backed up by Deutsche Private Equity. For us, that was the perfect combination.”

Existing Adacta customers will also benefit from the new investment

Information technology is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing and changing fields in which specialized industrial knowledge is increasingly important. Existing Adacta customers will also benefit from Adacta joining the German BE-terna Group. They will have access to an even stronger partner, which can provide access to more specialized industry knowledge and solutions.

The new owner is also an opportunity for existing and potential employees

With the new German owner, existing Adacta’s employees will get an opportunity to further develop their skills and talents by working in an international company. Andrej Fajfar also expects positive effects for attracting potential employees - in his opinion, the international company is a great opportunity for talented individuals who want to fully realize their potential.

“Among the first things BE-terna was excited about, were the quality of Adacta's work and the professionalism and talent of our employees. I am pleased that by joining a large international group we can offer our employees a step forward in their career development. They will be able to transfer the experience, knowledge and competencies from foreign markets into practice in our region. By joining a solid and renowned international company, we will also gain more interest from potential employees - I believe that working in a multi-cultural environment and on major international projects will persuade many talented individuals to join us,"

adds Andrej Fajfar.

Andrej Fajfar will join the the BE-terna Group management team

Andrej Fajfar, who co-founded Adacta 30 years ago and is a majority co-owner of Adacta Holding, will take on a role in the BE-terna Group as the member of the management team an a shareholder. In the future, BE-terna, supported by the DPE Fund, will continue with organic growth and acquisitions in order to become the leading global provider of comprehensive business solutions.

Tomaž Volk, also a co-founder and majority co-owner of Adacta Holding, remains a Managing Partner at Adacta Fintech with the vision of creating a leading provider of solutions for the insurance industry in Europe.

The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and will most likely be completed in Q4 2019.

About BE-terna Group

BE-terna is one of the leading European integrators for business software solutions. As a full-service provider the company is specialized in implementing and optimizing business processes on Microsoft- and Infor-based ERP-, CRM- an Big Data platforms. The customers include global acting corporations as well as innovative midsized companies, who want to gain a competitive advantage with implementing and using modern, broad and cloud-based business software applications. With a highly motivated team, consisting of 500 consulting and technical specialists, BE-terna serves more than 1.000 customers – mainly within international oriented projects. With a comprehensive portfolio of software products and services and the industry specific know-how BE-terna offers perfectly tailored solutions for Manufacturing, Fashion, Retail, Process Industries, Trade and Project based enterprises.

About Adacta

Adacta is the leading ERP, CRM and BI consulting company in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia providing services to over 400 local and global clients. Adacta employs more than 300 people who provide services for Microsoft Dynamics, Qlik and Cornerstone solutions. Adacta focuses on Utilities, Professional Services, Hospitality Industry and Financial Services.

Adacta is also a leading independent software vendor for the insurance industry in CEE with additional 200 employees in Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic and Russia. The insurance software part of Adacta is not subject of the transaction and will continue to act under the existing ownership structure as Adacta Fintech.

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