Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Manage projects in time and budget

Connect your teams in one application. Support them to win more orders, make optimal use of resources, accelerate project delivery and maximise profitability - from lead generation to billing!

Accelerate the success of your projects and exploit your full potential

  • Win contracts with improved contract management and more accurate project quotes and estimates.
  • Optimise your manpower and time resource allocation.
  • Plan and implement projects flexibly with the established functions of Microsoft Project.
  • Simplify team-based communication, document usage and transparency throughout the project by seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams.
  • Reduce costs with optimised resource management, time recording and expense management.
  • Respond quickly to changing market demands by gaining insight into your project sales and financial data through analytics in Power BI.
Recorded Webinar: Project Operations

Manage projects (more) successfully

Learn more about the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations in our recorded webinar - held in German.
  • Flexible price adaptations: Adapt resource-based costing and pricing to customer needs.
  • Flexible project models: Create fixed-price, time and material projects using adjustable billing models that meet your customers' cash-flow requirements.
  • Shorten the deal cycle: Complete projects faster with flexible pricing and more accurate quotes.
  • Comprehensive pipeline management: Maintain visibility through integration with Dynamics 365 Sales and a dashboard for sales.
  • Productivity improvement: Increase your productivity with embedded Microsoft Project features, such as accessible dashboards, task management, scheduling, interactive Gantt charts and work-breakdown structures.
  • Efficient planning and monitoring: Plan and track your projects using cost analysis and forecasting, supported by integrated reporting.
  • Optimized cooperation: Enhance collaboration between your departments throughout the entire project life cycle by integrating MS Teams. Manage your project plans, scope, budget and communication in one place.
  • Workload distribution: Assign tasks equally across our project team to best meet customer requirements.
  • Skills management: Match employee profiles and skillsets with project requirements. Evaluate the skills of your employees using your customized competency models.
  • Scheduling: Plan schedules efficiently through intelligent assignment based on skills and qualifications, while taking into account current availability.
  • Time and cost recording: Accelerate productivity by tracking time and costs via mobile application or a browser, regardless of your location. 
  • Policy and reporting: Gain complete visibility and control over your organisation's spending through policies, approvals and reports. 
  • Expense Recording: Record your expenses on a daily basis (even in different currencies) for project accounting and invoicing.
  • Invoice management: Manage invoice and add ad-hoc transactions faster - with customised design and style
  • Create project invoices based on materials, expenses, work hours, registered fees and billing schedules, associated with projects. 
  • Invoice verification: Review your project invoices and cash flow projections in a timely manner to obtain detailed financial information about the project.
  • Integration with ERP solution: Use the built-in integration with Dynamics 365 Finance or apply open APIs to an off-site ERP system to extend the functionality of the accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger capabilities.
  • Integrated Analysis & Dashboard: Gain insight into key KPIs such as resource utilisation and budgeting to make better decisions.
  • Power BI: Use business intelligence to gain insight into your projects and make forecasts.

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