When business meets Mixed Reality

Unlock new business value through immersive customer journeys and cost-effective business processes.

A new way of doing work and business

Boost your sales, customer satisfaction and daily operations by empowering your prospects, customers and employees with the ability to see, hear and touch your products, services or business processes anywhere and anytime. 

Discover the immersive interactive technologies that can merge the physical and virtual world through three powerful technologies in real time:

  • Virtual reality (VR) simulated experience
  • Augmented reality (AR) real-world interactive experience
  • Mixed reality (MR) a blend of the physical and digital world
  • Entertain and engage your customers in your own customer experience centre with smart glasses, smart phones, smart mirrors and many other smart immersive technologies or simulations.
  • Show all of your products virtually, in every possible variation together with all the necessary additional accessories and features for the price of a standardised booth size or show room, without the product needing to be physically present. 
  • Be where your prospects are and raise your brand awareness at the best locations, using just a few square metres of space.
  • Sell online with memorable customer experiences on customers’ mobile devices and track their shopping habits with analytics.
  • Identify and resolve common technical customer issues faster and increase your FCR with remote augmented reality assistance, and visually guide your customers step by step using their smartphone
  • Eliminate expenses associated with work orders and help your technicians avoid unnecessary field service work caused by lack of details provided by customers 
  • Increase your NPS score and encourage loyal enthusiastic customers who will keep buying and refer others, fuelling your growth
  • Empower your field service workers with remote assistant technology, where more experienced technicians can assist junior ones remotely using only their phone
  • Integrate new employees more quickly with virtual onboarding, increase knowledge retention with virtual learning, and reduce the risk of workplace accidents with immersive safety training.
  • Reduce execution time, breakdowns and downtime with the assistance of artificial reality, which gives real-time information about an asset, step by step instructions on how to carry out repairs, and even facilitates remote assistance from more experienced technicians
  • Bolster your supply chain and logistics processes with augmented reality technology in order allocation, inventory control management, guided order picking and material handling. All of this provided in real-time through object recognition, barcode reading, indoor navigation so much more 
  • Make data-driven decisions with Digital Twin technology - a digital replica of your business and operational system