Ad agents GmbH: Innovating CRM, 100% remote!
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Ad agents GmbH: Innovating CRM, 100% remote!

3 min read Dec 17, 2020

ad agents GmbH
ad agents GmbH

At the beginning of 2020, the ad agents GmbH decided to relaunch its existing customer engagement solution from Microsoft, with BE-terna as a partner. Ad agents, is one of the leading online and performance agencies in the German-speaking world, and provides customized digital advertising measures since 2006. 

Just as BE-terna, the agency is known for its digital affinity. This common ground was particularly proven in the implementation of the project, which was realized 100% online. After only five months of implementation, the "new" customer engagement solution went live on 1 October 2020.

The ad agents GmbH is part of the listed ad pepper media group, with which BE-terna already has a very good partnership. Due to the outstanding experience of the parent company, ad agents approached the BE-terna team at the beginning of the year with a request to optimize the existing CRM solution. The goals were, to achieve more efficient processes for the optimal use of the customer engagement solution, as well as the seamless integration of the project time recording.

BE-terna was able to convince ad agents GmbH with a clear process analysis and a structured project plan. An important point here were the clearly defined project goals for the digital agency, which were defined as follows: simplification of internal processes, update to the new unified interface, increase in work efficiency and improved internal communication through optimization of the existing system.

Digitalisation as a tool for a strong customer relationship

BE-terna and ad-agents built up a close cooperation through the usage of online workshops and virtual meetings. In that way the predefined goals could be achieved and the outcome was satisfactory for all parties. 

Silvia Burgold, Project and Process Manager at ad agents, speaks about the cooperation:
The decision to relaunch our CRM system with BE-terna has significantly simplified our processes. Within five months, we revived our CRM tool and integrated an additional time recording function. This makes it easier for our employees to record their project hours directly in the system. Beforehand we needed several tools for that. Now our employees get a holistic view of their clients at the push of a button. This has found huge acceptance among our staff.
The satisfaction of the approx. 90 users proofs that the investment was worth the effort. Further optimizations, such as the integration of the DSGVO-process, and the creation of offers directly in the CRM-tool are already in plan.


All customer processes in one system

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About ad agents GmbH

Comprehensive support, maximum transparency, outstanding expertise: these are the core ingredients with which ad agents inspires reputable customers such as ADAC, Brax and Seeberger. The online and performance agency is part of the listed ad pepper media group and has been managing digital advertising measures across all channels since 2006. Using innovative technologies, more than 100 ad agents experts successfully develop national and international brands.

The pulse of ad agents beats in the south of Germany, with clients from all over the German-speaking world, predominantly from Germany and Switzerland. In addition to strategic consulting, the portfolio includes efficient measures in search marketing (SEA & SEO), Amazon services (SEO & advertising), affiliate management, display, social media, programmatic, data and analytics.

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