CRM for the insurance industry

CRM-solution tailored to handle sales and customer care activities in the insurance industry 

Get a 360° customer overview with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Easily customize the view for your marketing, sales and customer service departments. 

Effectively connect marketing, sales, and customer service in your insurance company

  • Track customer activities on all interactions with a 360° customer view 
  • Manage, control and measure KPIs for sales, marketing and customer service 
  • Cost management - reduce operational costs and optimize resources 
  • Customer retention - keep your customers happy 
  • Tailored data models and processes designed for insurers 
  • Cloud-based Microsoft security solution  
  • Mobile solution allows you to work anywhere - anytime 
  • Adaptable to different business models (on-premises, cloud, hosting) 
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How insurers can digitize claims processing

Customers want to be able to quickly and seamlessly register and approve claims that they can access on their phone, anywhere, anytime. 

Access our digital claims customer journey video to see how easy it is to implement a digital claims customer experience with the BE-terna Insurance CRM solution. 
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  • All customer data in one place: up-to-date data is available in one place, ranging from personal information, visually presented contact preferences, KPIs and product portfolio to purchase behavior, history of marketing activities, communications, requests, consents or other complex data structures from internal or external data sources (ERP, web pages, social networks). 
  • All types of customer profiles: Supports both B2C and B2B customers with a 360° customer view that helps you get a clear and comprehensive overview of all selected customer levels. 
  • Real-time notifications: Centralized view of real-time notifications to inform insurance agents about customer productivity, revenue scores, customer data updates and other events. 
  • Customer insights: Get a 360º view of customers that insurance agents can access at any time, where they can see up to date on key customer metrics such as number of policies, total insurance premium, number of claims, and total claims paid. 
  • Customer data validation: Keep your customer data up to date with valid and acceptable formats for emails, phone numbers, social security numbers, registration numbers and date fields. 
  • Fraud detection: Identify fraudulent customers immediately and take corrective action. 
  • Automated case creation: Omnichannel support with a single point of entry. 
  • Built-in service level agreements: Case resolution based on SLA definitions ensuring internal and legal compliance. 
  • Workflow management: Step-by-step process management ensures data consistency across all business processes. 
  • Customer service reporting: Real-time customer service monitoring with a dashboard showing historical operational metrics and KPIs, and effectively manage service centers. 
  • Policy quotes and renewals: Salespeople of all experience levels can quickly move from initial contact to a signed contract using the interactive, step-by-step sales process with automated notifications and actions based on customer data or internal business rules. Create new sales opportunity's through automated policy renewal reminders to sales and customers. 
  • Offers based on customer behavior: Track your customers' key life events and identify new sales opportunities. Increase upselling and cross-selling by offering the products that best fit each customer's needs, based on customer behavior, segmentation or other parameters. Listen to customer needs and pause offers for a certain period of time. 
  • Boost sales team performance: Integrated performance and goal tracking to improve productivity, satisfaction and motivation. Manage workload effectively, see how many activities each person or team has performed and reallocate activities based on their capacity. 
  • Sales insights: Increase conversion and win rates by using AI to prioritize leads and opportunities with the highest probability of conversion and purchase. Empower agents to act on opportunities and risks. 
  • Productivity tools: Improve coordination between sales and marketing with visibility across teams. Streamline sales processes seamlessly with modern mobile apps and tools like Outlook, Excel, Teams, and SharePoint. 
  • Go mobile: Keep track of sales activities with an app that always works in the background to streamline work and make proactive suggestions. 
  • Customer segmentation: Divide customers into groups based on common characteristics and target each group effectively and appropriately. Segmentation can be created based on any type of data you collect about your customers, such as industry, company size, demographics, location, title, or based on your interaction touchpoints or buying behavior. 
  • Put your marketing campaigns on autopilot: Create automated targeted campaigns based on specific types of events, customer behavior, or other factors in the customer journey, and convert them into loyal customers. Present the right content at the right time and in the right context to your potential and existing customers. 
  • Lead scoring: Prioritize time and budgets on the most relevant leads with a scoring model based on lead engagement. Empower your sales team to get information on leads that are most likely to result in a closed deal. 
  • Share information across teams: Securely share information about leads and contacts across the company and understand how each interaction impacts your results. Connect sales and marketing processes to automate follow-up and track the progress of each lead. 
  • Email channel: Synchronize your Outlook mailboxes with Insurance CRM and automatically track emails and appointments in Outlook to the Insurance CRM app and associate them with the relevant records. Enable your employees to use the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook so your team can experience the Insurance CRM app in the context of customer communications in Outlook. 
  • Contact Center: Integrate Insurance CRM with any softphone provider and record all phone calls as activities in CRM. Enable the Call Centre mask to identify existing customers based on phone numbers and display dedicated forms for more personalized communication during a phone call. Record all customer inquiries or write a note directly in the customer service mask and track recorded data in the form. 
  • Digital channels: Streamline all digital channels that allow your agents to connect with customers in real-time and provide fast, personalized help. Give your customers an advanced digital experience by integrating digital and social channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Chat and websites. 
  • Self-service customer portal: Improve customer experience and reduce customer service costs through the self-service customer portal with 24/7 access to services. Allow your customers to submit First Notice of Loss (FNOL) complaints or other requests directly on the portal without making a phone call, sending an email or going to the branch. Enable your customers to stay informed on insurance topics through a comprehensive knowledge base and forums. Give customers real-time insights into their queries and allow them to update their queries and submit documentation. 
  • Intelligent chatbot agents: Offer 24/7 real-time support to customers and partners by harnessing the power of AI to increase efficiency through intelligent conversational agents. With chatbots, policyholders can get better, easier and faster service (ask for the nearest branch, report an FNOL, check claim status, renew a policy) without waiting on the phone or for an email response. Moreover, you can also measure the robot's performance. Engage with customers while staying GDPR compliant and manage personal customer data with a guided step-by-step process. 
  • The right to be informed: A dedicated compliance module supports the collection and management of personal data in a secure and lawful manner. A configurable consent register allows insurers to automatically store customers' opt-ins and opt-outs regarding consent and communication channels. Collecting consent through a simple and transparent procedure ensures that customers know who is collecting their personal data and for what purpose. 
  • The right to be forgotten automatically or manually created requests for anonymization are saved. A guided step-by-step anonymization process ensures customer privacy and prevents unwanted use of customer data. The configurable anonymization process with predefined service agreement instructs the agents to perform all necessary actions quickly. 
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) engine: Manages personal customer data by defining sensitive customer attributes and rules via a powerful customer data removal engine. 
  • Interactive role-based dashboards: Provides up-to-date information to insurance agents on anonymization requests created on a dedicated GDPR-dashboard. 
  • Pay only for what you need: Support your business as it grows with flexible licensing models and make sure the solution grows with your actual needs. Integrate with your existing solutions: Connect existing software solutions and data sources, such as ERP, HR, call center, back-office solutions, Excel files, as well as third-party platforms, such as social media, websites, mobile apps or other applications. 
  • Mobile and desktop version: The cloud solution enables sales, marketing and customer service staff to perform insurance processes anytime and anywhere: online or offline, in the office or on the road, on mobile, desktop or tablet devices, and always with the most up-to-date data and information in a secure and legal way. 
  • Smooth integration and implementation in your company: Experienced BE-terna professionals ensure fast and reliable implementation and provide all the necessary training to help you get your employees up and running in no time. 
  • Insurance CRM support experts: once the project implementation is completed, our support experts can offer you additional support and assistance regarding your CRM solution. 

BE-terna Insurance CRM

CRM-solution for sales, marketing and customer care for the insurance industry

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5 most important steps that insurance companies should follow in 2022

Accenture‘s research states that for 94% of customers, speed and claim process transparency are the most significant contributors to customer loyalty.

The very structure of policyholders has been changing as millennials have slowly entered the insurance market. The critical factor that requires insurance companies to keep pace with digital transformation and technologies is the fact that policyholder expectations and needs are ever-changing.

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Why BE-terna Insurance CRM

  • The biggest Insurance CRM team in Europe: The BE-terna CRM department operates with the highest number of team members for insurance solutions in Europe, which is why we are able to ensure truly responsive and reliable service.
  • 100% specialised in the insurance industry: No need to accept compromises, we understand every aspect of your insurance business
  • Market-specific solutions: We are able to comply with local legal requirements
  • Always close to you: Our international team is experienced in working with the insurance industry all around the globe (85+ countries).
  • Cloud-based: We are the leading European insurance CRM cloud-base provider, however we do also provide on-demand deployment. 
  • Global portfolio: Our customers include numerous global corporations and innovative midsized insurance companies, who strive to gain competitive advantages by using the BE-terna Insurance CRM solution
  • Top 1% Microsoft Partner worldwide: BE-terna ranks among the top performing and most innovative Microsoft partners globally. 
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