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CRM for Banking

Increase your bank revenue while improving customer satisfaction with CRM for Banking

Efficiently target your customers, discover new sales opportunities, and resolve issues on time with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Technology. Connect Marketing, Sales and Customer care, and personalise your approaches and offers.

Retail, private and corporate banking

Retain existing customers and attract new ones

Today, customers expect you to know their needs, to be treated personally and that you deliver a superb customer experience. 

Connect Sales, Marketing and Customer service online and offline with a CRM solution designed for Banking:

  • 360° Customer view: Comprehensive customer data from a high-level overview to the specific details provided by different data sources, including backend system(s)
  • Proactive sales: Discover new sales opportunities and adjust offers to reflect specific customer needs
  • Customer service: Resolve issues on time and help your customers to gain an improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • GDPR: Customer personal data consent management
  • Meaningful customer profile: a complete B2B or B2C customer overview that provides a comprehensive view of customers from all relevant aspects, perspectives, and different data sources including backend system(s).
  • Visual customer product portfolio: Start with a high-level overview and dive in for a complete overview of all customer products and their lifecycles. 
  • Virtual personal assistant: Your personal customer relationship assistant will provide you with visual alerts for all relevant customer events, key figures, next-best-offer suggestions, and this is just for starters.
  • Sales force automation: Visual and interactive to-do lists, actionable bank card or overdraft renewal reminders, automated interactions with prospects, auto-generated comprehensive meeting briefs and wrap-ups.
  • Pipeline management: Create and store leads through all available channels and manage them throughout their lifecycle. Follow and measure your sales efforts with operational and performance reporting designed for sales agents and managers.
  • Goal management: Apply goal management to track and analyse results against hierarchically structured services and targets. 
  • Sales insights: Increase conversion and win rates by using AI to prioritise the leads and opportunities with the highest likelihood of conversion and purchase. Empower agents to be proactive, rather than reactive, to opportunities and risks. 
  • Productivity tools: Improve coordination between sales and marketing with cross-team visibility. Streamline sales processes seamlessly with modern mobile applications and tools such as Outlook, Excel, Teams, and SharePoint.
  • Be mobile: Stay on top of sales activities with a mobile sales-driven app that’s always working behind the scenes to streamline work and provide proactive smart suggestions.
  • Case creation automation: Omnichannel support with a single entry point.
  • Embedded SLAs: Case resolution based on SLA definitions ensuring internal and legal compliance.
  • Workflow management: Step by step process control ensures data consistency in all business processes supported with tips and knowledge-base articles.
  • Customer service reporting: Monitor performance in real-time with a full-screen analytics dashboard featuring historical operational metrics and KPIs, and manage service centres effectively.
  • Private data management: Configure which attributes are sensitive across all entities using built in PII engine (Personally Identifiable Information). 
  • Anonymise, archive & delete: A guided, step by step customer anonymisation process (Right to be forgotten), respecting the customer’s privacy whilst ensuring that you are compliant with legal regulations. 
  • Consent register: Automatically store logs for all opt-ins and opt-outs for different consent types and different communication channels.

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