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Utilities & infrastructure management

Gain full visibility and overall financial control over your investment projects

Managing complex infrastructure projects in electric/power, gas and water infrastructure companies with our modern ERP solution offers you the right infrastructure to support your business.

Utilities and Infrastructure Management

A perfect fit for companies whose business includes:

Planning and developing infrastructure facilities

Maintaining infrastructure facilities

Managing and operating infrastructure networks

Providing network access services

Explore the benefits

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, the Utilities and Infrastructure Management solution will enable you to:

  • Gain full visibility over complex multi-country and multi-site investment programs
  • Full support for Procurement and Public Procurement processes
  • Control over the entire construction stage
  • Measure performance and control every aspect of your project consumption
  • Full visibility and control over Inventory, Procurement and Assets from different angles / viewpoints, adjusted to business roles
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Improved business insights for the transmission network operator

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  • Advanced functionalities for investment projects: project numbering per project group, investment project hierarchy, project financing types, project purpose, project allocation tracking dimension, project plan vs. realisation comparison.
  • Advanced support for technical assets (in relation to projects and fixed assets).
  • Automatic item requirement processing and shipping optimisation with the ability to differentiate between direct item consumption and indirect item consumption.
  • Project activation proposal - simple and efficient elimination of selected project transactions from one or several assets that have been built or/and purchased can be performed.
  • Enhancement of the standard Dynamics 365 procurement module for the efficient conduct of procurement processes.
  • Releasing of purchase requisitions into request for quotations with the purchase order/purchase agreement output type.
  • Enhancement of Purchase agreements: requester, purchase agreement type, editing options for purchase agreements on the grounds of the document status, purchase agreement classification. 
  • Support for efficient, simple, and legally supported public procurement operations - economic use of funds, equality of providers, transparency of the procedures, and the principle of ensuring fair competition between tenderers.
  • Hierarchical definition of physical locations for fixed assets, enabling each location to have a parent location and sublocations.
  • Mass asset lending - simultaneously create new lending records for multiple fixed assets. 
  • Automating the fixed asset counting process with asset counting - generate filtered counting lists, export to a file with barcode scanners, import and automatically perform actions such as write-offs or reallocation.
  • Partial disposal of assets - recalculate and post amounts according to the percentage of partial disposal.
  • Project allocation tracking dimension - benefit from the relationship between project management and inventory through an additional tracking dimension, "Project allocation".
  • Validation of the project and the project allocation for procurement and consumption items.
  • Transparent tracking of inventory items even when they are located in the project field and not yet built into an asset.
  • Advanced item configurator functionality for standardised, simplified and efficient processes of creating new items using a combination of the procurement category and required attribute values. 
  • Keep track of received and/or provided loans, deposit interest, or guarantee deposits, record withdrawals, repayments, interest etc. in one system.
  • Register loans and deposits within the system by recording basic information about the amounts, duration, conditions, interest configuration, and repayment calculations. 
  • Generate a list of expected transactions, flows (withdrawals, interest, repayments, fees, and more) for each loan for the desired period. 
  • Manually adjust changes for calculated loan flows to match the exact loan amortisation schedule.
  • Full integration with the standard Dynamics 365 modules of General ledger, Accounts payable and Accounts receivable.
  • Investment integration layer: project interface, project requirements interface (materials, services), project consumption interfaces (materials, labour, expenses), inventory on-hand interfaces, working hours (labour) registration
  • Document management integration: sync of master data, vendor invoice interface, document validation through integrated approval processes, document archiving process.

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Everybody benefits from implementing UIM!

  • 360° view over company financial condition  
  • Full financial accuracy and budget control  
  • Precise cashflow management 
  • Governance over receivables and payables 
  • Real-time data access and high transparency based on an integrated platform  
  • High visibility into financial and operational KPIs enabling process improvements 
  • Built-in integration capabilities with utility and infrastructure / construction industry specialized solutions 
  • Easy and low-cost customizations with Power Platform strategy 
  • Reduction of costs related to IT equipment 
  • Regular solution upgrades providing improvements and new features in a timely manner 
  • Improved personalization through configuration capabilities with no need for technical customization 


  • Intelligent supply chain management 
  • Automatization of investment's item requirements and inventory optimization 
  • Full control over preventive and corrective maintenance (resources demands and scheduling, consumption) 
  • Complete overview of company assets (life cycle state, investment/maintenance costs, planning) 
Solution tailored to the needs of Utility and Infrastructure industry

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