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Utility, Energy and e-mobility providers

Streamline sales processes, improve customer retention and reach new customers.

Meet the BE-terna Utilities Customer Engagement solution (CRM), tailored and customisable for Utilities, Energy and e-mobility providers who want to excel in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

Increase brand awareness as a supplier of choice with automated sales, marketing and omni-channel customer service

Business today revolves around customers more than ever, and the utilities industry is no exception

Customers expect that energy suppliers should be able to anticipate their needs, make relevant suggestions before they even make contact, and deliver a better experience than the industry competitors on the market. 

Win the utilities market with a leading utilities integrated CRM solution for energy suppliers that empowers you to: 

  • Design and execute marketing campaigns
  • Generate leads and qualify opportunities
  • Apply simple or complex pricing strategies (tariff or bespoke)
  • Increase upselling and cross-selling potential with non-commodities 
  • Renew contracts and nurture customer relationships
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Getting ready for the energy consumer of the future

How to become a new age Energy
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  • All customer data in one place: up to date data available in one place, from contact and contract information to consumption or purchase behaviour, history of marketing activities, communication, payment, pricing, survey responses, or any other complex data structures from external or internal data sources (ERP, Billing, CIS).
  • Covering any type of customer profile: Complete support for any utility industry (electricity, gas, water, e-mobility, non-commodity), covering B2C and B2B markets, supporting complex company structures (multi-national). The Customer 360° view helps you to have a clear and comprehensive overview of any selected customer level. 
  • Interactive and role-tailored dashboards: Visualised 360° customer data access can be tailored based on the level of the user’s role and their permission or requirements. Access to sensitive information can be restricted to a particular subset of users, supporting sales, customer service and marketing departments. 
  • Manage your debt and cashflow: Reduce debt and increase cash flow by automating your collection processes through predefined multi-stage process flows. Automatically send billing reminders, ensure that past-due notices are sent to the correct contacts and collection managers, and track customer interactions with their payments.
  • GDPR compliance: A dedicated compliance module supports the collection and management of personal data in a secure and legal way. The customer anonymisation process ensures customer privacy and prevents any unwanted customer data usage. 
  • Mobile and desktop version: The Cloud solution enables sales and customer service professionals to manage customer data anytime, anywhere: online or offline, in the office or on the go, on mobile, desktop or tablet device, and always with the most up to date data and information.
  • Step-by-step guided sales pipeline: Sales professionals with any level of experience can easily progress from an initial contact to a signed contract while using the interactive step-by-step guided smart sales pipeline, and through sales processes with automated notifications and actions based on customer data or internal business rules. 
  • Personal sales and relationship AI assistant: With Utilities CRM, each sales professional gets a personal A.I. assistant, which ensures that forgotten leads are never neglected, and they can keep track of won, lost and potential deals, and of key account management at customer, group or competitor level. 
  • Offerings based on customer behaviour: With the help of Customer 360° view, you can plan sales activities based on customer behaviour, segmentation, consumption, location or any other parameter, and personalise communication or suggest the right offers to meet their needs and expectations.
  • Support any sales or pricing scenario: Sales professionals can easily achieve their KPIs with sales activities such as up-selling, cross-selling and contract renewals aligned with any simple or complex pricing strategy (tariff or bespoke).
  • Advanced pricing approval process: In cases involving complex pricing scenarios, sensitive B2B customers, or junior sales professionals, the system can automatically prevent unauthorised behaviour and reduce company exposure through pricing requests and advanced approval processes (sequential or parallel).
  • Automated sales closing: Ensure that your sales team focuses on future sales opportunities rather than on administrative work with a document generation engine, e-signature integration, and automated transfer of all contract data to respective back office systems (billing, finance, etc). 
  • Increase sales team performance: Take care of your sales professionals with integrated performance and goal metrics to increase their productivity, satisfaction and motivation. Easily manage their workload, see how many activities each of your professionals or a team has carried out, and redistribute the activities based on their capacities. 
  • Omni-channel customer service: a single overview of all customer interactions across traditional (telephone, email) and modern communication channels (social media, messaging apps), which helps you to cover all customer touchpoints and to provide unified quality of service at any level.
  • Automated customer service: Boost customer service productivity and reduce operational costs with automatic customer identification, advanced search capabilities, preconfigured guided customer queries (eg. supplier switching, change of package, change of occupancy, etc), quick entry forms, pre-filled documents, or automation of other specific customer processes. 
  • Guided customer service processes: Service professionals with any level of experience can easily progress any customer query while using the interactive, step-by-step guided smart customer service process integrated with a knowledge base, and also facilitate expert 3-tier customer service with highly customisable case classification and routing rules. 
  • Service-level agreement (SLA): Meet customer and regulatory requirements with configurable SLA definitions and status reports based on internal customer service policies, industry regulator requirements, and have proactive control of your customer satisfaction ratio.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Improve customer service response times, increase your first call resolution rate, decrease customer churn rate, and grow customer loyalty. In addition, reduce operational costs, save time for your customer service agents, and empower them to focus on business growth. 
  • Internal knowledge base: Ensure that your employees know how every business process needs to be successfully completed, which documents the customer has to provide, what these documents look like, where they can be found, what data needs to be included, etc... 
  • Omni-channel marketing: Deliver a consistent, personalised experience for your clients and prospects across all channels (traditional and digital) and devices, and create a seamless and unified user experience. By unifying the strength of each communication channel, marketing can deliver more effective campaigns. 
  • Journey mapping and customer nurturing: When a prospect chooses you over the competitors, it doesn’t mean your work is done. Provide your customers with an account-based marketing approach with automated communications based on the specific types of events, customer behaviours or triggers on their journey, and convert them into loyal customers.
  • Lead scoring: In a highly competitive market, it is important for you to prioritise time and budgets on quality leads with a scoring model (1-100) based on lead engagement (contact and account). 
  • Customer segmentation: Divide customers into groups based on common characteristics and target each group effectively and appropriately. Segmentation can be created based on any kind of data that you are collecting about your customers, such as industry sector, size of company, demography, location, title etc, or based on your interaction touch points or purchase behaviours. 
  • Personalisation strategy: Anticipate customers’ needs and make relevant suggestions with marketing messages that are 100% tailored based on individual customer profiles, which allows you to create a truly unique interaction experience where the customer feels valued. 
  • Identify marketing opportunities through big data: Data provides insights into complex markets, customer segments or channels that might have been otherwise missed and can help you to better optimise existing marketing campaigns and find new opportunities. It also helps you to recognise increases or decreases in sales, trace a source and identify the potential to capitalise and turn it into a major sale. 
  • Manage marketing budgets effectively: Allocate your marketing budget to channels, customers, locations etc, that are profitable. Allocate your resources effectively, keep track of marketing contributions to generating revenue, track your ROI figures, and make better spending decisions with the help of A.I. 
  • Self-service customer portal: Put your customers in control of their data with the portal and mobile app, where they can manage data entries (meter readings, new address, etc…), have an overview of their utility payments and consumption (cost allocation, open payments, etc…), and open support tickets for more complex queries.  
  • Self-service partner portal: Empower your third party sales collaboration partners with a secure and transparent portal or mobile app where they have access to their pricing lists, they can enter leads, sign contracts, generate sales reports, view commission and margin details, and see special deals, promotions, bonuses etc.
  • Chatbot agents: Provide real-time 24/7 customer and partner support, by leveraging the power of A.I. to gain efficiency through intelligent conversational agents. With chatbots, utilities customers can get better, easier, and faster service without waiting on the phone or for an email response. In addition, you can also measure your own bot performance. 
  • Automatically switch to a live agent: If a customer is unable to find the right answer on the portal, in the knowledge base, or in the FAQ section, they can automatically switch to a live agent and get help from your customer service professionals. 
  • External knowledge base and FAQ: Help your customers and partners to find the right answers to their questions, or the right solution to their issue, without them needing to wait on the phone, with an advanced, step-by-step guided knowledge base and FAQ collection. 
  • Pay only what you need: Support your business as it grows with flexible licensing models and ensure that the solution grows with your actual needs.
  • Integrate with your existing solutions: seamlessly connect your existing software solutions and data sources, such as calculation systems, ERP, HR, Call centre, back-office solutions, etc. 
  • Smooth integration and adoption in your business: Highly experienced professionals from BE-terna Utilities ensure fast and reliable implementation and provide all the necessary training that will help you to on-board your employees in no time. 
  • Utilities CRM support experts: Once project implementation is done, our support experts are available to help you with any additional support regarding your CRM solution, customer engagement industry trends, and also with consulting assistance for utility industry business digitalisation. 

How to become the Energy Supplier of choice

A Utility and Energy Industry game-changer: 77.9% of the UK population are social media users. Find out why are these figures important for the Utility and Energy industry.
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Why BE-terna Utilities CRM

  • The biggest utilities CRM team in Europe: The BE-terna CRM department operates with the highest number of team members for utilities solutions in Europe, which is why we are able to ensure truly responsive and reliable service.
  • 100% specialised in the utilities, energy and e-mobility industry: No need to accept compromises, we understand every aspect of your utilities business
  • Market-specific solutions: We are able to comply with local legal requirements 
  • Always close to you: Our international team is experienced in working with utilities suppliers all around the globe (85+ countries).
  • Cloud-based: We are the leading European utilities CRM cloud-base provide, however we do also provide on-demand deployment. 
  • Global portfolio: Our customers include numerous global corporations and innovative midsized utilities companies, who strive to gain competitive advantages by using the BE-terna Utilities CRM solution
  • Top 1% Microsoft Partner worldwide: BE-terna ranks among the top performing and most innovative Microsoft partners globally. 
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