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Viva Luzern AG – Viva Microsoft Power BI!
Case study

Viva Luzern AG – Viva Microsoft Power BI!

4 min read Oct 16, 2019

Viva Luzern
Viva Luzern

Viva Luzern AG is a leading provider of long-term care with six centres in Central Switzerland that currently accommodate roughly 900 elderly and dependent people. Monitoring, financial control and reporting are important instruments for maintaining the quality standards of a modern, customer-orientated service company. The rollout of Business Intelligence (BI) with an SQL server as data pool was a major strategic step towards fulfilling the increasing demands.

Business Intelligence for Viva Luzern AG

In the selection procedure, it was ultimately the BE-terna team that was chosen, who were commissioned with implementing the management information system by means of Microsoft’s Power BI solution in 2017.

Initial situation

Until four years ago, Viva Luzern AG’s financial control was still working with Access and SQL databases that had been compiled in-house. The data for the evaluations were obtained from the existing ERP system and from various decentralised sources, which always took up extensive time and personnel resources and only ever resulted in static tables and values.

Management information system

A future-proof and more flexible management information system was desired, to keep up with the growing performance requirements. The criteria for the new solution, very much geared towards digitisation, were clearly defined: numerous peripheral systems and diverse data were to be integrated so that the figures can be made available centrally and ideally updated daily. Essential factors for Viva Luzern AG were user-friendliness and easy-to-understand visualisations of the data in charts and tables.

The right decision

Today, Viva Luzern AG has access to a functional and powerful Microsoft-based management information system. Dashboards across all sites provide the latest business data and key figures in a laid-out management cockpit, accessible at the push of a button.

With Microsoft’s BI solution, the BE-terna team was able to fulfil the requirements of Viva Luzern AG to their utmost satisfaction and even outdo the agreed performance targets. Guido Odermatt, head of financial control at Viva Luzern AG, is convinced:

With our decision for Power BI and BE-terna as partner, we have created the perfect foundation for further steps towards the future.

Confidence in Microsoft Business Intelligence solution

Development with the BI solution strategy

Although Power BI was limited in its technological possibilities when the decision was made in early 2017, I had confidence in Microsoft and its BI solution. 99% of the functionalities that we wanted back then can now be implemented easily!

enthused Guido Odermatt, who was also the main driving force behind the implementation of Microsoft BI.

Within a project duration of one and a half years, the developments of Microsoft Power BI services and features could be picked up right away, thanks to BE-terna’s agile approach, and gradually incorporated into the management information system that was being created.

One dashboard for everything – the Management Cockpit

The new BI solution at Viva Luzern AG perfectly integrates the existing peripheral systems and pools all data from various sources in one system. This means that all staff at management level can access the same database and view the main key figures on an easy-to-use dashboard on their convertibles or desktop computers. The colour-coded visualisation system makes it easy to compare the KPIs, such as the available bed capacity and the number of admissions to the six homes, and provides valid data for making strategic decisions. Rolling out the management cockpit has also made it possible to increase both transparency and the consistency of data.


Optimum use of Microsoft’s Power BI

Resource savings and automatic evaluation

One considerable improvement for Viva Luzern AG came in the form of time savings. Previously time-consuming manual and repetitive work processes can now be automated. Analyses that used to take up to one hour can now be compiled in under a minute with a few mouse-clicks. Furthermore, the data are no longer static but instead always available at the present moment and the evaluations and depictions are more flexible and can be customised thanks to the Power BI solution. Progressive drilldowns make the data granularity higher and traceability easier.

Project results

  • Consistent data
  • Ease of use
  • Comprehensible visualisations
  • Greater data granularity and traceability
  • Significant time savings for evaluations

Business advantages

  • All data in one solution
  • Overview across all homes
  • Mobile dashboards
  • Decision-making tool
  • Automated evaluations
  • Transparency

About Viva Luzern AG

With roughly 900 residents in six centres for the elderly, Viva Luzern AG is the leading provider of long-term care in Central Switzerland. Viva Luzern is a charitable public company owned by the City of Lucerne. Its name and its appearance express one thing above all: life. Viva Luzern is “at home in old age”. The residents can choose between a wide range of living arrangements and types of care. Viva Luzern sites include Dreilinden, Eichhof, Rosenberg, Staffelnhof, Wesemlin and Tribschen.

Industry: Services / Health
Country: Schweiz
Headquarters: Luzern
Number of employees: 1.200
BI-User: 70

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