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The only Professional Services business management software you will ever need! 

No matter what kind of Professional Services company you have, and no matter what type of services you provide to customers in fields as diverse as Accounting, Legal, IT, Marketing, Advertising, Design and Recruiting, this Professional Services automation software will help you to manage sales, projects, contracts, customers, finances and staff with a single overview, available anywhere. 

Manage sales, projects, people, and finances efficiently

Access data or resources from anywhere, any time and on any device. Connect your local or worldwide business with a cloud solution that offers the best of 

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI) technology, and 
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)

Let us help you choose your own set of modules that will enable you to grow your business and your people.

  • Lead to quote, opportunity tracking and management: Capture leads from external sources and qualify them with opportunities, or identify opportunities from existing customers through up-selling and cross-selling. Create an initial work breakdown, along with cost and profit estimates that help you create a quote.
  • Quote to contract: Identify required resources and create an approximate plan of project timelines, WBS, and then approve the contract.
  • Accounts and contract management: Manage accounts and contracts in one place, have full control and oversight of all activities, due dates, renewals … 

  • Resource management: Easily manage and optimise your resources, their availability, skills, and certifications. Analyse resource utilisation, identify and manage staffing bottlenecks.
  • Project management: Create and define a project. Plan a detailed work breakdown structure, create and approve the project budget. Monitor progress in real time (track completion percentages, expenses, procured services and goods). Plan, control and manage resource requirements and assignments, work items and time tracking.
  • Contract billing: Easily manage your billing processes with contract terms and automated invoicing. Create an invoice when a milestone is reached or create it from data gathered on the project using subscriptions and time and material billing.
  • Recruiting: Selection of the best candidates, effective and intelligent hiring processes and personalised pre-boarding and onboarding to accelerate time to productivity.
  • Learning, development, and training: Create learning objectives that are relevant for current and future roles, build effective skills, keep track of learning progress, and analyse the process to highlight ways of improving learning. 
  • Performance: Create a high-performance organisation by measuring and tracking skills and identifying skill gaps. Get workforce insights to help you make confident talent decisions that will take your business to a higher level.
  • Leave and absence management: Create and manage leave plans and easily manage requests with workflows. Enable a self-service request process for employee time off. Optimise your resource planning by measuring and monitoring leave balances and usage. 
  • Core Human Resource functions: Organise and manage your workforce. Create and manage departments, positions, and jobs. Keep track of each employee and their responsibilities. 
  • Financial management: Manage your company’s financial records, balances, and taxes. Consolidate your records, create financial reports, settle taxes, and export data in required formats. 
  • Procurement processes: Keep track of project purchase orders and vendor invoices, payment process and all other aspects of accounts payables.
  • Project Accounting: Fully integrated general ledger accounting for projects with revenue management.
  • Invoicing and Billing: Manage project billing with almost no effort. Bill time and material contracts, fixed price contracts, or retainer contracts.
  • Receivables management: Manage accounts receivables by tracking open transactions. Manage credit, dunning and collection processes.
  • Sales controlling and pipeline optimisation: Get a view on the structure and health of the sales pipeline, proactively manage sales activities, and receive alerts if pipeline flow is not going to plan.
  • Management reporting and financial controlling: Get clear insights into department, team and project performance and enable top management data-driven decisions.
  • Project profitability: Analyse project profitability by different dimensions to get data for further project activities and provide sales team information regarding the most profitable areas.
  • Revenue forecasting: Enable end-of-month revenue prediction, create long term plans based on existing data, and manage forecasts as a continuous process.
  • Resource utilisation: Analyse existing utilisation patterns to create employee learning paths and goals.
  • Utilisation planning: Enable discovery of unutilised resources in advance and optimise plans for the future.

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