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Energy Suppliers

Become a market leader in the competitive and multi-channel customer environment with CRM for Utility Operations

Everything revolves around your customers - position customers at the front and centr of your utility operations.

All your customer data in one place, accessible by all departments

  • Quick & simple delivery via industry data models, a plethora of industry specific functionalities, and predefined guided processes.
  • Market-independent solution, with industry experts supporting product implementation in challenging markets.
  • Designed with a focus on re-use and adaptability, serving as a unified platform for all companies within a group, and can be used as a template.
  • Delivering a complete 360° overview of customers and business across all sectors of your business.
  • Intuitive and customisable dashboards, summarising data and giving you the freedom to explore data correlations and meaning. 
  • Design Customer 360° view, containing all relevant information in one place, split into sections for easier navigation.
  • Visualise and map complex corporate, parent company, and supply structures.
  • Ensure GDPR compliance via a dedicated GDPR management module.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with predefined offer and contract templates for consistent and transparent customer communication.
  • Support complex import structures through the Advanced Import Framework.
  • Intelligently manage your sales pipeline, through automated notifications, activities and cross/up-selling actions, based on historical, segmentation, or process-driven data.
  • Track sales at an individual customer or competitor level, through visual representation of won, lost and potential deals in your pipeline.
  • Streamline your sales process, through preconfigured guided processes from lead identification to contract confirmation (B2B, B2C, non-commodity).
  • Support any sales or pricing scenario with an extensive range of pricing strategies and approaches.
  • Manage complex pricing scenarios through pricing requests and advanced approval processes (sequential, parallel).
  • Manage your debt and cashflow with dunning and collection processes that are easily integrated within existing financial systems.
  • Adopt preconfigured guided customer care and service processes for different types of customer queries (e.g. Supplier switching, Back-Office integration, Phone/Email to Case, etc…).
  • Facilitate expert 3-tier Customer Service, with highly customisable case classification and routing rules.
  • Meet customer and regulatory agreements, with configurable SLA definitions and status reports.
  • Raise the level of service offered to your customers and partners, through multilevel case resolutions using different communication channels.
  • Reduce Cost to Serve and improve First Time Right scores with a fully integrated and configurable Call Centre mask by utilising the benefits of automatic customer identification, advanced search capabilities, quick entry forms, and straightforward inbound Call Centre Integration (CTI).
  • Efficiently exploit and utilize different communication channels, and gain valuable information about existing and potential customers.
  • Unify customer data to gain actionable personalised insights and increase demand.
  • Proactively define targeted campaigns based on detailed segmentation rules.
  • Automate nurturing programs & orchestrate customer journeys across multiple channels.
  • Increase sales and decrease marketing costs, by tracking progress, expenses, and impact.
  • Smartly allocate your marketing budget and invest in the most profitable customers.
  • Streamline disjointed marketing and sales teams with the same tools and processes, bringing value to your business.
  • Make more informed decisions with AI and gain insights for each customer partner interaction.
  • Grow operations with secure, trusted, and compliant solutions.
  • Manage customer requests, enable user access management, provide customers with access to their data, and empower customers to provide accurate data (e.g. meter readings).
  • Engage partners and improve third party sales collaboration through secure and transparent solutions.
  • Empower your customers and employees with the right content at the right time, by utilising advanced Knowledge Base capabilities.
  • Provide real-time 24/7 customer support, by leveraging the power of AI to gain efficiency through intelligent chat bots.
  • Provide answers to multiple customers simultaneously, by creating different topics in a simple drag & drop environment.
  • Raise the level of service provided, by automatically switching to live agents at the customer’s request, or due to the complexity of customer queries.
  • Measure bot performance, to assess and improve the interaction and quality of service delivered to your customers.
  • Support your business as it grows with flexible licensing models.
  • Achieve higher adoption rates and reduced time to train through an intuitive user interface.
  • Flexible implementation and expansion options, allowing the product to be introduced and scaled in releases, each adapted to your needs.
  • Ensure a single source of truth within the 360° view with Data Driven integration capabilities for Master & Transactional Data (Event or Data Based).
  • Enable streamlined processes throughout the user journey with Process Driven integration capabilities.
  • Receive support from experts with a proven track record in integrating with ERP / billing systems, DMS, EDM and pricing / calculation systems.
  • Dynamics 365 CDS and predefined web services allow easier integration and data surfacing.
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