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Isabell: From Student worker to marketing professional at BE-terna

Isabell: From Student worker to marketing professional at BE-terna

6 min read Apr 27, 2023

Isabell is a marketing student who has been working part-time at BE-terna while pursuing her degree in international marketing. In this interview, Isabell shares her experience as a student worker for BE-terna Nordics, her internship at the company headquarters in Innsbruck, challenges of balancing work and school and how BE-terna has helped her grow both personally and professionally.

Tell us a little about yourself and your time at BE-terna.

My name is Isabell and I just turned 25 this April. As I am writing this I am situated in Innsbruck, Austria where I have been working as an intern for the past four months at the BE-terna headquaters, as part of my bachelor degreeOriginally, I live in Halmstad, Sweden where I study at Halmstad University.  

Back home I work part time as a Marketing Associate for BE-terna Nordics at the office in Halmstad and I have been with the company for over a year now – and what a year it has been! It started with a team-building trip to Lisbon, Portugal and then later that summer another trip to a big conference in Munich. I remember being overwhelmed with all the benefits they were offering me – even as a student worker. Besides that, my role means creating content, managing social media channels, performing analytics, internal communications, events, webinars and much more.  

As part of my degree program in international marketing, I was required to complete an internship, preferably abroad. Given that I work for an international company, I saw an opportunity to gain more experience by working at a different BE-terna office. I decided to take a chance and asked if I could relocate for the duration of my internship. Thankfully, my team was supportive of the idea, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow from the expertise of the marketing team in Innsbruck. 

Besides working, I like taking on new adventures, being with family and friends, exercising, food and just enjoying life! Innsbruck has also given me the opportunity to develop my skiing skills which I love and the alps are just amazing! 

Can you describe your experience working part-time as a Marketing Associate at BE-terna while also studying at Halmstad University?

Working part-time at BE-terna while studying has been an incredible opportunity for me. It has allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge I am gaining in school to real-life marketing situations. I have been able to work in B2B marketing and gain practical skills in this field, which is incredibly beneficial for my future career plans. The knowledge I have gained from my studies has also helped me to understand and analyze marketing strategies and their impact on the market.  

Also, being part of a tech-focused company like BE-terna is super cool, as I get to witness firsthand how technology is shaping the business world. Working in such an environment has exposed me to the latest trends and developments in the industry. It has made me realize I have a bigger interest in IT than I thought before.  

In what ways has BE-terna supported your professional development while working part-time as a student and during your internship?

They've consistently given me the chance to take on new challenges and acquire new skills. For example, my boss did not hesitate for a second letting me move to Austria and work remotely for the Nordics so that I could complete my internship.  

One of the things I appreciate most about BE-terna is the flexibility they offer. This makes it easier for me to work around my school schedule.  They have been incredibly accommodation of my school schedule, which has been a huge relief for me. This level of supprt has allowed me to fully focus on both my studies and my work at BE-terna, without feeling like I need to compromise on either. 

What made you decide to stay with BE-terna for your internship and relocate to their office in Innsbruck, Austria and not find another company?

I made the decision to do my internship with BE-terna because I truly enjoy working for the company and wanted to continue developing my skills there. 

One of the things that drew me to do my internship at BE-terna was the opportunity to work with a larger marketing team. As someone who is passionate about marketing, I wanted to learn from their expertise and experience what it's like to work in a team with more resources and people. This was an excellent opportunity for me to broaden my knowledge about marketing and gain new insights into the industry. 

Since I already work part-time at BE-terna, staying with the company for my internship really made perfect sense. Being located in the company's headquarters in Innsbruck allowed me to gain knowledge and skills that I could bring back to my team in the Nordics. I'm excited about applying what I learned here to my work back home. 

What is your favorite part about marketing at BE-terna?

Marketing at BE-terna has been an amazing experience so far, and one of the things I love most about it is the opportunity to be creative and develop content for various platforms. Whether it's working on the website, creating webinars, or managing LinkedIn, I'm constantly being challenged to come up with innovative ideas and strategies to help the company grow. 

I feel like the company and my team trusts me to do my job well and that they're willing to give me the freedom to be creative and experiment with new ideas. This has been good for my growth both, as a marketer and as a person. 

Also, I appreciate the guidance and help I receive from my colleagues. They're always available to offer feedback and provide me with the support I need to grow professionally.

The collaboration and teamwork at BE-terna is amazing, and I'm grateful to be a part of the BE-YOU community.

What advice would you give other students looking to balance work and school, and how has BE-terna helped you in this regard? 

If I were to give advice to other students, I would strongly encourage them to find a job that is relevant to their education and interests. Balancing work and school can be challenging, but finding a job that aligns with what you are studying can make the experience easier and more rewarding.  

At BE-terna, I'm fortunate to have found a job that is not only relevant to my studies but also genuinely enjoyable. The work I do every day aligns with my interests in marketing, and I feel like I'm constantly learning and growing in my role. This not only makes balancing work and school more manageable but also motivates me to try to be better in both areas. 

Something more you would like to add?

As mentioned before, I truly enjoy working at BE-terna and the trust they give me – it has made me trust myself more as well. Even though I had a great time in Innsbruck, I am looking forward to going back to the Nordics and Sweden to my team there and graduating from my bachelor.  

I am also glad to announce that they offered me a full-time position as a Marketing Coordinator for the fall of 2023 – so exciting!

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