BE-terna Reactor Platform for Developers

A ready-to-use Application
Development Platform

BE-terna Reactor Platform for Developer is a platform that makes it super easy to develop user applications directly in the ERP system. Access important information for you and your employees easily – anytime, anywhere and on any mobile device or desktop. 

Why is this Platform different?

The Reactor Platform has been developed and refined by BE-terna throughout many years and is a well-founded and thoroughly tested tool for partners and customers. The following special features apply to our platform:

  • You get a user-friendly and system-independent platform to build ERP apps directly in the ERP system, be it Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Business Central, Finance, or Supply Chain Management), Infor M3 or any other webservices or OData providing system, e.g., an old ERP system you would like to replace in the future.
  • You get one single source of code to create applications in multiple operating systems, i.e. Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.
  • The platform enables 100% automation and digitization, 100% mobility, and 100% integration to most kinds of hardware, e.g., barcode or RFID scanners, Bluetooth devices, Android scales, as well as third-party hardware support.
  • There is no middleware between the ERP system and the device, so data transfer happens in real-time and is even possible in offline environments as well. 
  • As the Reactor applications are most often developed in the main ERP solution, they can be shipped in bundles with our or your core industry solutions. If you want to customize them yourself, the source code compiling is in one place, easy for you to manage, maintain and deploy.

What are the advantages of using the BE-terna Reactor Platform?

Read more below how you can benefit from the BE-terna Reactor Platform. You can choose depending on whether you are a developer or a user.

What are the benefits for Users?

Overall, applications based on the Reactor Platform not only help you accelerate and simplify a variety of business processes, but also improve customer and employee satisfaction at the same time.


Most importantly, the Reactor Platform makes employees’ individual processes available on the go and integrates hardware and additional third-party software components super easily.


Business applications for, among others, inventory, stock taking, production and logistics, simplify data collection, data registration, and data analysis for all kinds of processes and industries.


Each application is a digital mirror of the business processes and the actual doing, enabling much faster and flawless work processes for users.

Online and Offline.

All users can securely access the apps targeted their specific job role and business line, get insight into data, and register data directly in the app, both real-time – while using the original ERP logic, validations, and process steps - and offline, without having access to the ERP system. The offline program code is also written in the source ERP system.

What are the benefits for Developers?

Overall, everything is prepared and preconfigured for developers and for the end users. Easy integration with hardware and software and coding in the main ERP language are the two most important benefits for developers.

Easy intergration.

The Reactor Platform encapsulates everything and integrates with everything. The Reactor Platform provides a curated selection of hardware and third-party SDK (Software Development Kit), which is integrated in the base platform and publishes optimized features for developers. Thus, developers should no longer worry about developing a native Android app or how to integrate hardware. This is done by BE-terna's core development team which provides all the functionality through the core platform.

Coding in the main ERP language.

Developers don’t need to learn a new code language as they can work in their familiar ERP coding environment. If a process in the ERP system changes, the workflow is also automatically affected and updated because the process is 100% compiled and tested in the original ERP system. Since you can mix UI/UX and ERP process logic directly in the same code side by side, it allows you a really fluent and intuitive programming.

Complete freedom.

Unlike low-code/no-code solutions, developers have complete freedom and flexibility in the webapp-based UI design and implementation of logic/behaviour of the applications created. Furthermore, developers can use predefined style sets, layouts, and architecture hierarchy like extensions. All user interfaces are fully customizable, and all modules can be reused.

Scanning Features.

RFID integration, native Android features, or augmented reality components from other software vendors are integrated by BE-terna and can easily be used by you or your developers.

Ready-made Apps.

With the help of an automatic built system, ready-made apps for all environments (e.g., development, test, production environments for desktop and mobile clients) are provided and available from day one. The responsive design of the interface always adapts exactly to the screen size of your hardware. So, there is no need to distinguish between mobile or tablet sized solutions.

What else do you need to know?

  • The platform targets all processes and industries, such as production, warehousing, logistics, services, project management, retail, omnichannel, and food.
  • We are price competitive and offer you a subscription-based price model.

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