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SIGA relies on both BE-terna and Microsoft

SIGA relies on both BE-terna and Microsoft

1 min read Oct 24, 2019

In April 2019, SIGA went live with two Microsoft solutions - Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (CRM) and Power BI (Business Intelligence) - and found the ideal integration partner in BE-terna. Six months later we - BE-terna together with SIGA – can now report on the project experiences and first results, and share practical tips for the CRM-introduction in webinars.

SIGA, a Swiss company with headquarters in Ruswil, is one of the leading manufacturers of non-toxic adhesive tapes and membranes for airtight building envelopes. Sustainability and innovation not only play a role for SIGA in the development of its products, but also in the area of its IT-landscape. After an intensive selection process, the family-owned company has decided in favour of the BE-terna team and their CRM-solution based on the latest cloud technology, as well as Business Intelligence (BI) from Microsoft.

Today SIGA strengthens their customer and supplier management as well as employee support with the modern Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Platform (CRM) across 20 countries and is able to react to the growth and internationalisation phases with an adaptable and future-oriented system. The simultaneously introduced BI-solution brings together data from different sources in one system and delivers all customer and project data at the push of a button. 


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