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Better strategic decision-making and easier every-day operations
Case study

Better strategic decision-making and easier every-day operations

5 min read Mar 30, 2020


A challenging and diverse environment

The Violeta Group conducts business with the vision to of being different and keeping the pace with innovations. Such a vision is only possible to achieve with the help of well-motivated and educated staff, and with constant investment in their education and knowledge. A significant part of Violeta’s business is based on exports and smooth operations in the region, which is a dynamic, challenging and diverse environment that is subject to constant change. Only human capital and investments in the implementation of new technological solutions can bring a competitive advantage for the company.

Multiple data resources and a lack of flexibility

To keep the position on the market and to continue the further growth and development of the company, key business challenges for Violeta were to ensure exceptional results, while delivering the high-demand data analysis reporting needed in everyday operations. The existing business reporting solution didn’t provide enough flexibility, the reporting system was linked to only one source of data, and there was a need for the better visualisation of existing data displayed through multiple tab views.

A new solution for a better decision-making process

To solve the challenges, Violeta has chosen a Qlik solution to support their business decision-making process. Qlik is according to Gartner one of the leading data discovery solutions, with the primary goal of simplifying the process of generating consolidated reports for business analysis. Violeta picked BE-terna as an implementing partner because BE-terna is one of the leading companies specialising in the deployment of such business solutions.

In addition to the transaction system, Violeta uses many other solutions such as a mobile sales system, employee attendance recorders, and a system for tracking separate marketing costs and the calculations of rebates. Linking all the data sources into one complete data analysis overview was one of the key project goals and reasons why a new business solution was needed. The project was divided into five phases.

In the first phase as a pilot project, BE-terna implemented a business analysis solution on the level of each product article using data from 4 different sources. The second phase involved the implementation of business analysis, and complex calculations for rebates and data analysis for marketing department were introduced.

Phase 3 included the implementation of analytics for finance and production. The finance analysis focused on the controller's performance improvements and the introduction of financial statement standards. Production analytics focused on a detailed analysis for each production line, with the aim of minimizing the quantity of scraped goods and delays in the production timeline.

In phase 4 the basis for business revenue planning per each separate article was set up. This provided end-users with a more accurate information overview to facilitate and accelerate the business planning process.

The final phase included expanded data analysis options per each product article. This way, data became more useful to even more users. Among other things, detailed costs analysis was included, which was a huge problem in the past due to the various calculations that needed to be done manually that wasted a lot of time.


Data for everyone and better every day operations

“By implementing the Qlik solution, we enabled employees to easily and quickly access the information they need in order to make faster and more precise decisions on the next business steps. This way, and with the ability to display our own data from different angles, Qlik has made it easier to shorten the time needed for the preparation of the data analysis. With Qlik we have managed to cover all business segments in one place and easily access the information we need for further work."

Ante Milos, general manager of Violeta.

With the Qlik solution, the upper and middle management can make better strategic decisions and manage everyday operations easier, entirely based on data and an analytical approach. With the new simple and easier visualisations, they can now see the true state of the business. With the implementation of Qlik all employees and business users of this tool are completely independent of the IT department because Qlik is intuitive and easy to use. In this way, Violeta saved the time, money and resources needed for IT support and is actively driving the development of analytical culture among employees.

The collaboration between BE-terna and Violeta in the field of Business Intelligence and data analysis is continuously growing over the years and covers a wide range of business areas. In the future, the companies will work on the implementation of corporate planning support tools and the implementation of Qlik solutions that cover Violeta’s other geographical locations.

About Violeta

Violeta is a manufacturer of hygiene products that has grown into one of the leading SE Europe regional brands for the past 15 years. In three factories located in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company produces more than 240 high-quality products on 15 production lines. The Violeta brand is owned by the Violeta Group which has adopted numerous certificates of international standards - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and HAACP - guaranteeing that all products are manufactured according to world-class and EU standards. Inspired by its consumers, Violeta creates high-quality products and services, making everyday life better and simpler.

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