Supply Chain Management

Sales forecasting and stock optimisation using Machine Learning algorithms

Optimise cash flow, reduce stock levels and automate purchase ordering processes. 

Powerful Supply Chain

  • Demand forecasting based on various algorithms connecting historic and external data
  • Ordering automation for the vast majority of items and full integration with ERP purchase orders
  • Inventory optimisation without impacting on stock-outs with proposed frequency and order qualities on item levels
Explore competencies
  • Forecast market demand based on models trained on various machine learning algorithms.
  • Use your historical data together with external data (weather, traffic etc.).​
  • Identify various product types; standard products, new products, slow-sellers etc, and use forecasting models accordingly.​
  • Forecasting models retrained daily providing up-to-date estimations.
  • Avoid "guesstimated" orders and reduce your stock levels without negatively impacting on stock-outs.
  • Minimise stock-outs in key categories and items with optimal stock levels.​
  • Avoid overstocks with more timely planning using AI-powered proposals​.
  • Include item-specific, vendor-specific or cargo-specific constrains in optimisation models​.
  • Automate ordering processes for the vast majority of items .
  • Provide purchase departments with time to focus on outliers and seasonal variations.
  • Provide users with proposed frequency and order quantities on item level​s.
  • Train the system to learn automatically from information on actual placed orders.
  • Calculate up-fill or down-fill options​
  • Minimise transportation cost per item
  • Optimise cargo routes in order to lower costs
  • Generate suggestions for replenishment per item​.
  • Distribute available goods to stores on an ad-hoc basis (using suggestions).​
  • Maximise sales potential by delivering the right item to the right store​s.
  • Align your distribution levels with actual sales data.
  • Models learn automatically from historical seasonal variations.
  • Feed forecasting algorithm with promotion-specific data​.
  • Forecast promotion uplifts on item level.
  • Generate personalised promotion strategies.

How to get started

Our platform offering is a 3-step approach designed to lower your risk and to help you to understand the potential benefits before deploying the whole solution in your organisation.

Quick Scan

Data provided in predefined forms will serve as a starting point for a quick scan of how demand forecasting and replenishment optimisation can work with your data.

Data Diagnostic​

Extensive validation of your data (up to 500 items) including major restrictions and historical sales/stock data. The end result is a ROI calculation for tested items in terms of reducing stock-outs and reducing cashflow on overstocked items.


Full integration of replenishment processes in your operational work. Self-service BI tool used for interpretability. All key restrictions taken into consideration together with external data in order to improve the precision of estimations and to provide an enhanced customer-care phase in which our experts work with you step by step on the adoption of the new system.

Case Study

Get more confidence in your stock orders with AI support

Find out how our client provided their purchase department with the right information with an AI-based platform for sales forecasting and stock optimisation.
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