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Jörgen: The best part of my job is combining IT with people

Jörgen: The best part of my job is combining IT with people

5 min read Jan 14, 2022

Jörgen works in the Swedish department of our new BE-terna Nordics. He is a very proactive kind of guy, and he is currently working on getting CRM into the Nordic departments. When he is not working, he uses most of his time with his family, training Krav Maga and enjoying good food and wine. 

How does a normal day look for you?

The first thing I do, when I get into the office, is to talk to my colleagues. Most of my days are full of meetings with both colleagues, customers, and other interesting things, so it is nice to start out slowly by chitchatting with my colleagues. My meetings later, with colleagues, are mostly for me to be more specialized in the topics that I am not that great in. I love working with specialists! The meetings with customers are mostly both to understand the processes and perspectives of the customers. And of course, when I am not in meetings, I am working with on customer projects. 

What did you study and why? And has it helped you to get where you are now?

My journey from the end of education to where I am today was not straight-line. However, I have almost always, though my career, worked with a combination of my passion for computers and sales. 

I started out studying IT and software development and learned how computers and IT works in organisations. Later, I chose to study strategic communication, in order to get a more humanistic perspective on my IT skills. If I have to be honest, I do not like to work with the IT and humanistic approaches by themselves, but only when I combine them. Nevertheless, I think that the thing I love the most about my position and job is that I can help organisations work a bit smarter. It is so thrilling to know that you can contribute to a project and then see your contribution in the outcome.  

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I wanted to meet people and help them with their challenges, creating better solutions for their organisations and lives. Talking about this now, makes me realise even more, that what I do here at BE-terna really is what I was made to do – and that makes me very happy. 

What made you apply for a job at BE-terna?

I have not been working here for many months, so everything is still a bit new to me. I really loved my old job and position, but in order to evolve in my career the next step for me included working with more capable it-solutions and within a company with more possibilities. When I chose to look for another job, I started to look at IT organisations that had the right external partners, customers and possibilities for me to evolve. This was then I found BE-terna Sweden. Here I can work with Microsoft´s easy-to-use CRM software and get access to advanced capabilities that really takes our customers to the next level. I also get to learn from specialists no matter if it is how to implement AI or just how to make a sales team love a new system. It is just the setting I wanted to evolve and become even better at doing what I do best – combining my IT skills with my humanistic approach. Therefore, I chose to apply uninvited to BE-terna Sweden – and got a CRM position as the only one in the Nordic departments. 

Do you have any good advice for people who wants to work with IT and CRM?

I do not think there is just one straight-line career path if you want to work with CRM. I think you must have some sort of interest in sales, marketing, but most important, you have the capability and will to understand the customers situation. If you can understand your customers everyday challenges and translate them into solutions, you can really help the customer. 

What are the pros and cons of your work?

I think that the biggest pro is that I can divide my time between working with systems and working with people. I really enjoy the diversity in the work that I do, and that I have different customers, with different issues I need to solve. Another pro, which perhaps also can be seen as a con in some situations, is that when you work as a consultant, you most often must help the customer ASAP – and most often several customers need help at the same time. That can be stressful at times, but I actually really enjoy working in a rushing environment, where I know that some parts of the year are more stressful than others. I must admit that I both really enjoy the stressful times, and having a full calendar, but also having several weeks of vacation without being called up regarding an issue. On the last note, I want to add that it is different from person to person how they work, but I just really enjoy the rushing and always keeping a high pace. 

What is the best thing about working at BE-terna?

As mentioned before, I applied for a job at BE-terna because I could see the opportunity to evolve in a new way. However, I would say that it must be the people. As a new employee, it can be a bit intimidating to ask questions to specialists, even more, if they are sitting on the other side of the continent. Nevertheless, people here are SO friendly and there is a very warm and casual culture between the employees. You can start your Teams meeting out with small talk about personal things such as hobbies or children if you like to, and then turn to an important and serious topic. I really enjoy that. People are also very helpful, which is great for me who wants to evolve. Every time I reach out people are always ready to help me, and they never make me feel like I am asking stupid questions. So overall, I think that the culture here in BE-terna is the best thing! 

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