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The right response to change

The age of digital transformation calls for greater automation of processes, full compliance with all legal guidelines and the ability to respond to evolving market conditions with flexibility.

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Our solution for the chemical industry supports you in the following areas in particular:

  • Full compliance with legal provisions including REACH, INCI, ADR, VOC, etc. 
  • Digitalisation of processes via IoT and machine learning to ensure more efficient production 
  • Optimisation of the supply chain via supplier portals, consignment stores and mobile logistics 
  • Ensured quality across the value chain by means of supplier evaluations, test plans and audit trails
  • Proof of origin and where-used lists at the touch of a button thanks to complete batch tracing
  • Simple handling of formulas and constituents, plus generation of manufacturer regulations
Weckerle Holding GmbH

Into the cloud with Dynamics 365!

Thanks to a forward-looking focus on the cloud, the manufacturer of cosmetics and lipstick production systems is fit to face the future.
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  • Formula-based production control, taking account of such variable factors as raw material quality, shelf life and mixing proportions.
  • Batch-oriented bulk production.
  • Planning of secondary products and by-products that can be deployed in other products.
  • Management of constituents to enable easy adaptation of formulas to actual batch quality and required fillers.
  • Efficient processing of contract manufacturing orders.
  • Simple integration of scales and mixer control systems.
  • Management of batch sizes and minimum durability dates.
  • In-process control to ensure quality standards.
  • Detailed planning and graphical production control station.
  • Fast and seamless traceability of all constituent materials, from raw material suppliers to consumers.
  • Management of hazardous goods and materials across the supply chain.
  • Accelerated flow of goods through mobile logistical functions and the avoidance of unnecessary complaints.
  • Integrated supplier evaluation module.
  • Highly flexible options for transport planning and management.
  • Full range of functions for packaging management and labelling.
  • Management of trading units and containers.
  • Processing of consignment stores.
  • Comprehensive raw materials and preparation databases.
  • Compliance with legal regulations such as REACH, ADR (1,000 points rule), IATA, IMDG, etc.
  • Basis for the calculation of VOC balance sheets in ERP.
  • Compliance with prohibitions on mixed loading and mixed storage.
  • Creation of safety data sheets and hazardous material labels according to the law.
  • Automatic creation of operating instructions.
  • Flexible mapping of prices and conditions
  • Campaign and promotion planning
  • Processing of bonuses and commission
  • Sales planning, taking account of seasonal fluctuations 
  • Processing of general orders
  • Fully integrated EDI framework
  • Mobility for field service
  • Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing for full sales control and marketing automation
The ERP-solution for the chemical industry
Comprehensive modules and functions