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Comprehensive talent management solution designed to achieve full potential

Use an intuitive and advanced Talentsoft talent management system (Human resource management) to get full access to employee experience management and adequately respond to the growing needs of your organization.

Build a strong team resistant to challenges of the future

  • Talentsoft is the leading European provider of comprehensive learning solutions and talent management solutions (Human resource management) delivered according to the Software as a service model (SaaS model).
  • Innovative Talentsoft solutions are based on Cloud technology and are easily accessible and quickly scalable in accordance with your needs. 
  • An integrated cloud business solution has been designed through four specialized modules allowing you to manage your human resources in the manner that perfectly corresponds to the context, needs and existing technological ecosystems of your organization.

Choose the best modules for your needs and goals!

Explore Capabilities
  • Manage employee data simply and efficiently.
  • Minimize administrative tasks and automatize workflow
  • Harmonize HR processes and ensure better organization agility.  

  • Ensure better employee performance management.
  • Engage all the employees, both working at the office or remotely.
  • Detect the required skills, targets and motivation of the employees.

  • Identify the best candidates with ease.
  • Develop an interactive and motivating onboarding experience.
  • Develop a talent base corresponding to your needs.

  • Plan the development and learning process and make it easily accessible.
  • Respond to individual needs and provide personalized learning programmes
  • Create your own easily accessible learning materials.

Build a work force for the future of business