Banking Digital Transformation
Best examples in the Retail, Corporate, Private and Investment banking sectors

The banking industry is in a digital arms race. Consumers around the world expect their banks to act and interact more like the top technology brands. Digital engagement is key to optimising the consumer experience.

E-book: How data can impact banking services in 2022 - 2025

Nowadays you might be living in a small, non-EU country and still have advanced mobile banking, access to online banks such as Revolut or N26 where you can set up account in 60 seconds, the ability to photograph your car accident and make a claim with your insurer, or to invest some money in stocks listed on the NASDAQ from the comfort of your couch as a small-scale retail investor.

In 2022, whether you are a retail bank, investment bank, broker, exchange, wealth manager, insurer, fintech company or even a central bank or regulator, data has a huge impact on your business in several segments.
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Did you know that more than 70% of digital transformation projects fail?

According to a McKinsey study, a whopping 70% of digital transformation projects fail. There are two main reasons for this: 

1. Companies do not have a digital transformation strategy

2. Businesses do not understand what digital transformation actually means, and they start doing it just for the sake of going digital

This high-value content page will provide your banking business with everything you need to know before you start a banking digital transformation from the perspective of sales, marketing and customer service. 

Find out how to do it right!

How to do banking digital transformation the right way

Going digital is not just about having a website and a mobile app. It's also establishing multiple digital (and physical) touchpoints to build an effective customer engagement system that brings more revenue and profit. 

6 key points on how to transform your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service in the Banking Sector

Retail and Private banking example

1. How to Know What Your Customers Want Before They Do

In this video, you will find out how retail and private banks can get to know their customers better, via communication history, customer calendars, reminders, next best offers, overviews of all related customer processes, external customer data such as LinkedIn, and so much more.

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Virtual agent and Call centere example

2. How Omnichannel helps banks to increase turnover

Today it is not enough to have just an online and offline banking presence, everything must also be seamlessly interconnected for an omnichannel customer experience.

Customers access their bank accounts on multiple devices, and want to communicate using diverse unconventional communication channels such as Viber, Microsoft Teams, Virtual Agent, SMS, call centres, and many others.

And on top of this, customers also expect Real Data synchronisation between all of these channels. How can you ensure all of this happens? It’s easier than you might think. Find out how omnichannel can help you to increase turnover in this short online course.
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3. How to transform website visitors into clients

The line between fintech and banks has become increasingly blurred for customers of financial services. The key goal for all such services is (or at least should be) to speed up their decision-making processes.

More and more customers tend to use a company’s website to do their initial research, and you may think that this only provides information for the customer, but the truth is that it can provide a lot of information to the company too! 

So once customers visit your branch, and if you have the right technology to help you connect all the dots, you can entice them with the right customer service money moves
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Sales and Customer service example

4. How to ensure salespeople do what they do best: Generate sales.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote some advice to a young tradesman: “Remember that time is money.”

If there is one thing a good salesperson dislikes, it's administrative work! Sales automation gives your superstar sales team more time to talk to prospects.

In this value-bomb video we will talk about Lead sources, Lead qualification, bulk task management, inbound queuing, SLA management, and so much more with real case studies! 
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5. How to Boost Digital Marketing Banking Conversion Rates

A huge percentage of marketing leads do not convert into sales - a massive waste of potential customer base and revenue.

In this real case study, we will see how technology with role-based dashboards can boost lead generation from the web, marketing campaigns, apps, or call centres.

Buckle up, because the sky is no longer the limit!
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6. How Automated Goal Management can help decision-makers and managers

Set your goals high and don't stop until you get there, and if the original plan doesn't work, change the plan, not the goal. This is a mantra that every banking manager should have in their DNA. It may be idealistic to hear, but difficult to implement; until today, that is!  

Achieving goals in these rapidly changing times depends on the decisions we make with the help of Automated Goal Management.
Find out from a real-world example!
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What about banking data?

We will talk about how to start digitalisation assessment in the banking industry, about modern data platforms as a backbone, business reporting and analytics on a new level, AI use cases to transform the way we do banking business, reposted architecture to tackle banking data challenges, and so much more. 

We promise you a big value content bomb full of practical examples from all around the globe!

Date of the event: 20.4.2022 at 10:00 A.M.

Live Event: Why an Omnichannel customer experience is the most important strategy for the Banking Industry!

A must-see webinar for banking professionals working in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service or Support.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to listen to global experts on Omni-channel Marketing, Sales and Customer Service in the Banking Industry.
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The Banking industry has changed, and it is never going to return to what it once was

Digital banking and the movement towards a cashless society are both giving banks the opportunity of a lifetime to gain the benefits of data collection for up-selling, cross-selling and increasing customer retention. 

Find out how in the video!


We will help you to succeed with Digital Transformation for Banking

Digital transformation in banking is a cultural, organisational and operational change through technologies. We ensure successful digital banking transformation for banking businesses with assessments, consulting and powerful technology. 

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