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Microsoft's Investment in ChatGPT maker OpenAI: New Possibilities for Business Software

Microsoft's Investment in ChatGPT maker OpenAI: New Possibilities for Business Software

2 min read Feb 23, 2023

Werner Platzgummer, COO of BE-terna, Shares Insights on the potential Impact of the Partnership on the Industry

The recent multi-billion-dollar investment by Microsoft in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has created a stir in the technology world. BE-terna, a Microsoft Gold Partner and member of the Microsoft Inner Circle, recognizes the immense potential of this partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI. Werner Platzgummer, COO of BE-terna, shares his insights on its impact on the business software industry.

BE-terna COO Werner PlatzgummerBE-terna COO Werner Platzgummer

Microsoft's renewed investment in OpenAI is a crucial step in the development of AI and its application to business software. It will drive the development and deployment of specialized supercomputing systems. ChatGPT is just the beginning of the AI revolution,"

says Platzgummer.

Platzgummer highlights the potential benefits of supercomputing for businesses, "What sets it apart from traditional cloud-based services is the sheer scale of computing power it provides. With cloud-based supercomputing, businesses have access to an almost unlimited pool of computing resources, allowing them to perform complex tasks and analyze vast amounts of data with ease. This opens up new opportunities for businesses to gain insights, automate processes and improve efficiency."

Platzgummer also underlines the importance of responsible AI deployment. "BE-terna shares Microsoft's vision of creating secure and trustworthy AI systems. Ensuring data privacy and security, as well as transparency in data collection and processing, are the keys to responsible AI deployment," he adds.

BE-terna is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the business software industry and this partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI confirms their position. "Being one of the leading European providers of Microsoft solutions with cloud-based, industry-specific offerings, our strong relationship with Microsoft is further strengthened by this partnership with OpenAI," Platzgummer states. He concludes, "The recent developments in AI have opened up new possibilities in the business software industry and we're eager to explore them."

Microsoft has also just announced a new version of Bing, powered by advanced AI technology like ChatGPT. The new Bing and AI-enhanced Edge browser aim to offer a better browsing and information-finding experience.

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